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  *翹* | 翹* | *翹
outstanding / to raise
  *翹* | 翹* | *翹
to stick up / to rise on one end / to tilt
to stick up / to point sth up
person of outstanding talent
(of a woman) to have nice curves / buxom / shapely
to raise one's head and look
to skip school / to cut class
to die / to drop dead
a see-saw
to skip work / to sneak out of work early
see-saw / also written 蹺蹺板|跷跷板
to hold one's breath (in anticipation) (idiom) / to anxiously await
to be cocky
to stick one leg over the other (when sitting)
hard / erect / to be in erection
retroflex sound (e.g. in Mandarin zh, ch, sh, r)
(coll.) to die / to kick the bucket
to raise one's head and look into the distance / fig. to forward to / to long for
to give a thumbs-up
to long for / eager for
(bird species of China) Terek sandpiper (Xenus cinereus)
to expect in a short time (idiom) / also pr. [qiao4 zu2 er2 dai4]
to look forward eagerly / to long for
(bird species of China) common shelduck (Tadorna tadorna)
outstanding talent
to warp / to bend
waiting on tiptoes and craning one's neck (idiom) / to look forward eagerly / to long for / also pr. [qiao4 zu2 yin3 ling3]
Lin Chia-Chiao (1916-2013), Chinese-American physicist, astronomer and applied mathematician
head and shoulders above the crowd (idiom); preeminent / outstanding
to warp / to bend / fig. distorted opinion / prejudice
lit. on tiptoes / to look forward eagerly / to long for

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