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  *群* | 群* | *群
variant of
  *群* | 群* | *群
group / crowd / flock, herd, pack etc
clan / to clan together / to flock together
ethnic group / community
community / social grouping
surpassing / preeminent / outstanding
in groups / large numbers of / grouping
shoal of fish
flock of sheep
population (of a species) / community (of animals or plants)
to fit in / to get on well with others / sociable / to form a mutually supportive group
diligent and sociable (idiom); meticulous in work and dealing cheerfully with one's colleagues
a crane in a flock of chicken (idiom); way above the common / manifestly superior
cadres and masses / party officials and ordinary people
in groups of three or four (idiom)
bee colony / swarm / CL: 隊|队
Lie group (math.)
standing above the common crowd (idiom); outstanding / excellent and unrivaled
(astronomy) asterism
above the common / outstanding / excelling / preeminent
microbiome / microbiota
microbiota; microbiome
fossil assemblage
finite group (math.)
herd of horses
ice pack
standing out from the common crowd (idiom); outstanding / preeminent
burial complex (archaeology)
outstanding / exceptionally good
variant of 逸群
building complex
paraphyletic group
Chinese restaurant syndrome
peloton (main group of riders in a bicycle race)
algebraic group (math.)
Yitong volcanic area in Yitong Manchurian autonomous county 伊通滿族自治縣|伊通满族自治县, Siping, Jilin
paraphyletic group / also written 並系群|并系群
functional group
(archeology) burial complex
discourse / group of sentences with clear meaning / narrative
Gilbert's syndrome
subgroup (math.)
market segment
the LGBT+ community
chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)
battle group / naval formation headed by an aircraft carrier
orthogonal group (math.)
consumer group
herd of sheep
biota / ecological community / fossil assemblage
industrial cluster
erroneous variant of 症候群, syndrome
bacterial community (e.g. in the gut)
to form a large group (idiom)
permutation group (math.)
carpal tunnel syndrome (pain in the hands due to pressure on the median nerve) / median neuropathy at the wrist
carrier-based vanguard group (CBVG) / naval battle group led by an aircraft carrier
(math.) transformation group
to withdraw from a group
to benefit the community
high-risk group (med.)

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