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group of islands / archipelago
Paracel Islands, in the South China Sea
Solomon Islands in southwest Pacific
Mariana Islands in the Pacific
Spratly Islands, disputed between China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam
Falkland Islands
Åland Islands, Finland
Faroe Islands
Cayman Islands
Marshall Islands
British Virgin Islands
Canary Islands
Macclesfield Bank, series of reefs in the South China Sea southeast of Hainan Island
United States Virgin Islands (USVI)
Kuril Islands, archipelago in Sakhalin, far-eastern Russia
Zhoushan Island
Cook Islands
Pitcairn Islands
Northern Mariana Islands
Azores Islands
Turks and Caicos Islands
Madeira / the Madeira Islands
Ryukyu Islands / Okinawa 沖繩|冲绳 and other islands of modern Japan
Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia
Caroline Islands
the Seychelles
Channel Islands
Andaman Islands
Malvinas Islands (also known as Falkland Islands)
Galapagos Islands
Aleutian Islands (trailing 2250 km southwest of Alaska almost down to Kamtchatka)
Galapagos Islands
Penghu or Pescadores, archipelago of 90 islands to west of Taiwan
Batan Islands in Bashi Channel between Taiwan and the Philippines
Sunda Islands (Malay archipelago)
Xinanzhongsha islands, Hainan
Shetland Islands
Chagos Archipelago, coral archipelago in tropical Indian Ocean, with Diego Garcia 迪戈·加西亞島|迪戈·加西亚岛 as largest island
the Okinawa archipelago
Galapagos Islands
Maluku Islands, Indonesia
Gilbert Islands
Greater Antilles, Caribbean archipelago
Babuyan Archipelago in Luzon Strait north of the Philippines
Spratly Islands, disputed between China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam / same as 南沙群島|南沙群岛
Aegadian Islands near Sicily, Italy
the Ryukyu or Luchu Islands (including Okinawa)
island arc (geology)
Mariana Islands in the Pacific

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