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  *群* | 群* | *群
variant of
  *群* | 群* | *群
group / crowd / flock, herd, pack etc
mass / multitude / the masses
community / colony
clan / to clan together / to flock together
ethnic group / community
group of islands / archipelago
group / cohort / cluster
community / social grouping
assemblage of talented individuals / ensemble of heroes
outstanding heroes / warlords vying for supremacy (in former times) / stars (of sports or pop music)
surpassing / preeminent / outstanding
to send to multiple recipients / mass mailout / to occur in a clustered fashion
in groups / large numbers of / grouping
mountains / a range of hills
shoal of fish
flock of sheep
Solomon Islands in southwest Pacific
to gather / to congregate / to aggregate
population (of a species) / community (of animals or plants)
community / (science) biocoenosis / ecological community
all flowers / all beauties / all talents
distinguished gathering / a meeting of heroes
great heroes pursue deer in the central plains (idiom); fig. many vie for supremacy
Spratly Islands, disputed between China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam
to fit in / to get on well with others / sociable / to form a mutually supportive group
lit. a thunder of dragons without a head / fig. a group lacking a leader
Azores Islands
Canary Islands
diligent and sociable (idiom); meticulous in work and dealing cheerfully with one's colleagues
making up a group, forming a troupe (idiom); in large numbers / as a large crowd
a crane in a flock of chicken (idiom); way above the common / manifestly superior
Kuril Islands, archipelago in Sakhalin, far-eastern Russia
cadres and masses / party officials and ordinary people
to live together (in a large group or flock)
in groups of three or four (idiom)
Madeira / the Madeira Islands
Ryukyu Islands / Okinawa 沖繩|冲绳 and other islands of modern Japan
group scuffle / gang fight
Gumma prefecture in northern Japan
bee colony / swarm / CL: 隊|队
Similar things group together, similar people fit together (idiom); Birds of a feather flock together.
Lie group (math.)
the masses rise to attack it (idiom); Everyone is against the idea. / universally abhorrent
lit. a horse that brings trouble to its herd (idiom) / fig. troublemaker / black sheep / rotten apple
to gather / to congregate / to aggregate
mass rally
group sex
standing above the common crowd (idiom); outstanding / excellent and unrivaled
(astronomy) asterism
above the common / outstanding / excelling / preeminent
the peaks of a mountain range
microbiome / microbiota
microbiota; microbiome
Aegadian Islands near Sicily, Italy
fossil assemblage
Shetland Islands
letting everyone have their say / taking people's views into account / free expression of different views / (contrasted with 一言堂)
finite group (math.)
outstanding talent (idiom) / incomparable artistic merit / accomplishment out of the ordinary
Mariana Islands in the Pacific
outstanding (idiom); incomparable
a skulk of foxes, a pack of dogs (idiom) / a gang of rogues
herd of horses
ice pack
Greater Antilles, Caribbean archipelago
earthquake swarm
standing out from the common crowd (idiom); outstanding / preeminent
gregarious (ichthyology)
burial complex (archaeology)
outstanding / exceptionally good
variant of 逸群
Channel Islands
the Seychelles
Northern Mariana Islands
Pitcairn Islands
Faroe Islands
United States Virgin Islands (USVI)
the mass line, CCP term for Party policy aimed at broadening and cultivating contacts with the masses
Malvinas Islands (also known as Falkland Islands)
Batan Islands in Bashi Channel between Taiwan and the Philippines
building complex
Chagos Archipelago, coral archipelago in tropical Indian Ocean, with Diego Garcia 迪戈·加西亞島|迪戈·加西亚岛 as largest island
(neologism c. 2011) to deride a group of people / (of a group of people) to deride (sb)
paraphyletic group
Chinese restaurant syndrome
Macclesfield Bank, series of reefs in the South China Sea southeast of Hainan Island
peloton (main group of riders in a bicycle race)
specialized crowd management vehicle, a riot control vehicle equipped with a water cannon, commonly known as water cannon vehicle 水炮車|水炮车
algebraic group (math.)
Yitong volcanic area in Yitong Manchurian autonomous county 伊通滿族自治縣|伊通满族自治县, Siping, Jilin
paraphyletic group / also written 並系群|并系群
functional group
Galapagos Islands
Galapagos Islands
Caroline Islands
(archeology) burial complex
discourse / group of sentences with clear meaning / narrative

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