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perfect / perfection / perfectly
  *美* | 美* | *美
the Americas / abbr. for 美洲 / USA / abbr. for 美國|美国
  *美* | 美* | *美
beautiful / very satisfactory / good / to beautify / to be pleased with oneself
Europe and America / the West
delicate / fine / refinement
North America
graceful / fine / elegant
sweet / pleasant / happy
esthetics / appreciating the arts / taste
to admire / to praise / to eulogize
South America
to match / is comparable with
love of beauty / wishing to appear beautiful / to set store by one's appearance
magnificent / gorgeous / ornate
throughout the United States / the whole of America
GOME, electronics chain founded in Beijing in 1987
Jimei district of Xiamen city 廈門市|厦门市 (Amoy), Fujian
healthy and beautiful / to do fitness exercises / abbr. for 健美運動|健美运动
delicious / tasty
Homei town in Changhua county 彰化縣|彰化县, Taiwan
harmonious / in perfect harmony
Latin America / abbr. for 拉丁美洲
gentle and beautiful
(policy etc) towards America
defective / imperfect
elegant / graceful
beauty contest
poignant / sad and beautiful
good looks / pretty (e.g. young woman)
Sao Tome, capital of Sao Tome and Principe
perfect (idiom); perfection / the best of all possible worlds / as good as it gets
to show off one's good looks shamelessly
complete and beautiful / to be perfect (idiom)
to visit the USA
truth, goodness and beauty
Vanessa-Mae (1978-), Singaporean-born British violinist and skier
the aims of education: morality, intelligence, physical fitness and aesthetic sense
South Korean-US
fertile / luxuriant / plump / rounded
inexpensive and of good quality (idiom)
charming / pretty
pretty / handsome
(coll.) an American / person from the United States
to satisfy rival demands (idiom) / to get the best of both worlds / to have it both ways / to have one's cake and eat it too
exquisite / delicate and beautiful
Lomé / Lome, capital of Togo
abundant and prosperous
(of a location) beautiful and tranquil
symmetry (as an aesthetic quality)
Heaven is not cooperating (idiom) / the weather is not favorable for the planned activity
in your dreams! / as if! / You wish! / I wish that were so
Comai county, Tibetan: Mtsho smad rdzong, in Lhokha prefecture 山南地區|山南地区, Tibet
North and South America
quiet and nice
mellow / rich / superb
Bamay in Dawu County 道孚縣|道孚县, Garze Tibetan autonomous prefecture, Sichuan
Pan American
Heaven is cooperating (idiom) / the weather is favorable for the planned activity (a variation of 天公不作美)
to enjoy fame without sharing it / to take the credit
to catch up with England and surpass the USA (economic goal)
Niamey, capital of Niger
Miss World Beauty Pageant
Qimei or Chimei township in Penghu county 澎湖縣|澎湖县 (Pescadores Islands), Taiwan
harmonious and graceful
to claim credit due to others
Prosper Mérimée (1803-1870), French scholar and writer, author of novel Carmen on which Bizet based his opera
Mu Zimei, Chinese celebrity
Freddie Mac, US mortgage company / formerly Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.
Methodist (Christian sect)
order (as an aesthetic quality)
"Ms Perfect" (i.e. fair-skinned, rich and beautiful) (Internet slang)
Ono Fuyumi (1960-), Japanese novelist
The process is more beautiful than the outcome. / It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive.
outstanding and elegant / remarkable and refined
Laura Ling, US-Taiwanese woman journalist imprisoned as spy by North Korea in 2009

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