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position / place / seat / CL: 個|个
  *置* | 置* | *置
to install / to place / to put / to buy
to install / installation / equipment / system / unit / device
to set up / to install
to deploy / to allocate / configuration / allocation
to put in order / to arrange / to decorate / to fix up / to deploy
mobile device (Tw)
to put
to sticky (an Internet forum thread etc)
to buy real estate
built-in / internal
to leave sth unused / to lie idle
to handle / to take care of / to punish
to find a place for / to help settle down / to arrange for / to get into bed / placement
locker / cabinet
relative position
to purchase
to place after (e.g. in grammar) / postposition
to place oneself / to stay
to insert / to implant / to embed / to introduce (a new element) into
fixture / installation
to permute / permutation (math.) / to displace / displacement / to replace / replacement
to transpose
to throw away / to discard
to shelve / to set aside
transmission (i.e. gears)
offset / biasing (electronics) / bias voltage
to believe (what sb claims) (usually used in the negative) / (math.) confidence (interval etc)
electronic reader (e.g. for barcodes, RFID tags etc)
product placement
geographical location
position effect
to buy / to acquire / to add to one's possessions
to pay no heed to (idiom) / to ignore / to brush aside
not to get involved / to stay out of it
to leave in place / to set aside (for further use) / to retain / to detain / (medicine) indwelling
decline to comment / not express an opinion / be noncommittal / hedge
to purchase / to buy
to dismiss with a laugh / to make light of
to doubt
comment / statement
variant of 治裝|治装
to turn a deaf ear to (idiom); to pretend not to hear
email address
to invert
to reset / reset / replacement
to give one's bare heart into sb else's keeping (idiom); sb has one's absolute confidence / to trust completely / to confide in sb with entire sincerity
to swap / to exchange / to transpose / to replace
cannot be doubted (idiom)
to handle / to arrange
to give no thought to / to have no regard for / to disregard
to discard / to shelve as useless
parking location / parking bay
to set sth aside / to let sth lie idle / idle / unused
to relocate / to evacuate
to put sth in the wrong place
cannot be doubted (idiom)
screensaver (Tw)
to set to one side and ignore (idiom); quite indifferent / cold and uncaring
to purchase / to buy (usu. real estate)
automatic tool changer (ATC)
having elements from another time or place
to abolish the feudal Han and introduce modern prefectures (refers to reorganization during Meiji Japan)
centered alignment (typography)
permutation group (math.)
to banish from one's thoughts / to ignore / to take no notice
to argue
confidence interval (math.)
pointing device (computing)
unbelievable / incredible
confidence level (math.)
improvised explosive device (IED)
bias current (electronics)
lit. to invert root and branch (idiom); fig. confusing cause and effect / to stress the incidental over the fundamental / to put the cart before the horse
nuclear device
hard to believe / incredible
to pass by without showing interest (idiom)
aircraft takeoff and landing gear
to invert the importance of things (i.e. stress the unimportant and neglect the important) / lacking a sense of perspective / to put the cart before the horse
peremptory / not to be denied / not brooking argument
nuclear explosion device
to put something aside for the time being (idiom)
confidence limit (math.)
BCD / Buoyancy Compensation Device (diving)
to offer an opinion / to comment (on the issue) / to have a say (in the matter)
missense mutation
ink supply mechanism
GPS (Global Positioning System)
sense of being in another time and place / feeling that one has entered a time warp
to put / to place
filtration equipment
confidence coefficient (math.)
virtual reality markup language (VRML) (computing)
postposition / suffix / word placed after
bias impedance (electronics)

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