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a modal particle indicating (that's all, only, nothing much)
a modal particle indicating (don't mind it, ok)
  *罢* | 罢* | *罢
to stop / to cease / to dismiss / to suspend / to quit / to finish
  *罢* | 罢* | *罢
(final particle, same as )
a strike / to go on strike
want to stop but can't (idiom) / to be unable to stop oneself / to feel an urge to continue
(reduplicated) whether... or... / never mind / fine (indicating acceptance or resignation)
to remove sb from their post / to dismiss
to give up / to abandon (a goal etc) / to let sth go / forget it / let the matter drop
to drop (subject etc)
to leave the matter at that / to be prepared to let go / to be willing to take things lying down
to give up
to dismiss from office / to resign from office
student strike / to boycott classes
Dismiss the hundred schools, revere only the Confucian (idiom) / sole dominant ideology
best not to mention it / drop it / never mind / let's not talk about it
to dismiss from office / to ban / to reject
protest strike by merchants
Hai Rui dismissed from office, 1960 historical play by historian Wu Han 吳晗|吴晗
teacher's strike
abandoned idea
sit-in strike

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