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to go online / to connect to the Internet / (of a document etc) to be uploaded to the Internet / (tennis, volleyball etc) to move in close to the net
official website (abbr. for 官方網站|官方网站)
  *网* | 网* | *网
net / network
(computing) public network / wide area network / Internet
online version of the People's Daily, 人民日報|人民日报
news agency
Renren (Chinese social networking website)
network / cyber-
Taobao Marketplace, a Chinese website for online shopping
Sina, Chinese web portal and online media company
Xinhua News Network
electrical network
Douban, PRC social networking website
local area network (LAN)
ChinaNews (China News Service)
China News Service website (chinanews.com)
safety net
Sohu, Chinese web portal and online media company
World Wide Web (WWW)
French Open (tennis tournament)
the net of justice / rigorous process of the law / the long arm of the law
silk screen / screen (printing)
computer network / Internet
filter / a sieve
Tudou, a Chinese video-sharing website
variant of 漁網|渔网
fishing net / fishnet
net (for ball games)
Wimbledon Championships (tennis) / abbr. for 溫布爾登網球公開賽|温布尔登网球公开赛
Ctrip.com, PRC travel agency
to spin a web (spider) / to weave a net (e.g. for fishing)
wide area network / WAN
(coll.) to use sb else's Internet connection (with or without permission)
(of a bird, fish etc) to be caught in a net / (of a tennis ball) to hit the net / (of a criminal) to be captured
spider web / cobweb
Australian Open (tennis tournament)
wire netting / CL:
snare of love
road network
cobweb / spider web
seine net / wire mesh fence / fence screen
metropolitan area network
Cable Network News (CNN)
(computing) Dark Web
endoplasmic reticulum (ER)
US Open (tennis tournament)
to throw a net
IPTV (PRC media network)
ezTravel, Taiwanese travel agency
to intercept at the net (volleyball, tennis etc) / to block
to walk right into the trap
inescapable net (idiom) / trap / dragnet
China Education and Research Network (CERNET) / abbr. to 中國教育網|中国教育网
transport network
lit. to fish for three days and sun-dry the nets for two days (proverb) / fig. not to persevere in doing sth / to do sth by fits and starts
telephone network
net / fishing net / bird net
(math.) lattice
dip net
dragnet / trawl / trawlnet
spy network
to fall in love
to cast a fishing net / (computing) to go offline
neural net
to intercept at the net (volleyball, tennis etc) / (computing) to seal off a network
digital network
better to go home and weave a net than to stand by the pond longing for fish (idiom) / one should take practical steps to achieve one's aim
It is hard to escape the dragnet of the law / the long arm of the law
drift net (fishing)
to fall into the net of justice (idiom); finally arrested
variant of 因特網|因特网, Internet
Cable Network News (CNN)
Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) (computing)
Web portal / (enterprise) portal
neural network
base net (in geodetic survey)
token ring network
knotless netting (textiles)
world wide web / WWW
to net sth / to catch sth with a net
smooth endoplasmic reticulum
mesh laundry bag (for keeping garments separate from others in the washing machine)
public switched telephone network / PSTN
flowering autumn grass, fine net (idiom); fig. abundant and exacting punishments prescribed by law
rough endoplasmic reticulum
Star network
legal net / the long arm of the law
splatter screen
purse-seine net (fishing)
consumer protection website www.shaihei.com

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