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  *缺* | 缺* | *缺
deficiency / lack / scarce / vacant post / to run short of
(job) opening
necessary / must have
to be deficient in / lapse / deficiency
to lack / to do without
to fall vacant / a job opening at a high level
in short supply / scarce
badly damaged / shattered
scarce / scarcity
perfect and without blemish / flawless / to leave nothing to be desired
to fill a vacancy / to make up for a shortage / to supply a deficiency
currently in short supply / in deficit (of commodity) / currently vacant (position)
lightning (archaic word)
in perfect condition / without any defect
lucrative post
waxing and waning (of the moon)
very short of (food, clean water etc) / extreme shortage / deficit
energy shortage
to be lacking / to fall short of / to wane / deficit / deficient
surplus and shortfall
to cherish the outmoded and preserve the outworn (idiom); conservative / stickler for tradition
new moon
to remedy omissions and correct errors (idiom)
to be deficient in sth / to be short of sth (supplies, money etc)
symmetry breaking (physics)
spontaneous symmetry breaking (physics)
conservative / to preserve the outmoded
waiting for a vacancy
frugality prevents destitution (idiom)

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