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to edit / to compile / editor / compiler
to weave / to knit / to plait / to braid / (fig.) to create (sth abstract, e.g. a dream, a lie etc)
  *编* | 编* | *编
to weave / to plait / to organize / to group / to arrange / to edit / to compile / to write / to compose / to fabricate / to make up
to number / numbering / serial number
(computing) to program / programming
postal code / zip code
to code / to encode / code
postal code / zip code
editor or creator of online content (diminutive term, often used to refer to oneself: I, me, this writer)
to establish (a unit or department) / staffing structure (excluding temporary and casual staff)
to weave / to plait / to compile / to put together (a lesson plan, budget etc)
to compile
to translate and edit / translator-editor / (computing) to compile (source code)
to compile / collection / compilation
variant of 匯編|汇编
to write a play / scenario / dramatist / screenwriter
to adapt / to rearrange / to revise
editor in chief
editor in charge (abbr. for 責任編輯|责任编辑)
to compile anew / new (version) / newly set up (part of an organization)
to compile / to edit
to arrange / to lay out
to compose (music) / arrangement
to compile / to write
editor / compiler
to write and direct (a play, film etc) / playwright-director / choreographer-director / scenarist-director
assembly language
to organize into groups / marshalling
text editor
annals / chronicle
to be on the regular payroll / to be on the permanent staff
to make a catalogue / catalogue / list
chief editor (of newspaper) / abbr. for 總編輯|总编辑
to form into columns / to organize into teams / formation (of ships or aircraft)
to copy-edit / copy editor
to organize / to put together / to edit
to compile / to draw up / to fabricate / to invent / to concoct / to make up / to cook up
chief editor (of newspaper)
five-stroke code, Chinese character input method
to compile
science editor (of a publication)
selected works (poems, documents etc) / anthology
to include (in a list etc) / to assign (to a class, a work unit etc)
(computing) hard-coded / to hard code
straw weaving
to incorporate into one's troops / to weave in
application programming interface (API)
to revise
having a permanent post / part of the official staff
to compile and edit
to make things up / to concoct (a story, an excuse etc)
to fabricate (a story)
set of bells (old Chinese music instrument)
to select and edit / to compile
to compile in collaboration with / to merge and reorganize (army units etc)
choreography / choreographer
to concoct a cock-and-bull story (idiom) / to make things up
to select and edict / to edit extracts
to crochet
fixed allocation
woven fabric
(of a dictionary etc) revised edition
in the style of annals / chronological history, the regular form of the Chinese dynastic histories
to arrange in order / to compile / to prepare (a budget, project etc)
(publishing) (abbr. for 美術編輯|美术编辑) layout and graphics / graphic design / art editor / graphic designer
binary code / binary encoding
editor's note
concise edition / abridged edition / compendium
complete edition
to compile and print / to publish
lit. the leather binding (of the bamboo scroll) has broken three times / fig. to study diligently
sequel / continuation (of a serial publication)
to group students into classes / to divide people (staff members etc) into groups
to weave / to plait
to expand (esp. by new recruitment) / to increase the army / to augment
placement test
to arrange things in sequence / sequence in which things are arranged
translator and editor
random lies and falsehoods
editor / compiler
Manchester encoding
Punycode (encoding for internationalized domain names) (abbr. for 國際化域名編碼|国际化域名编码)
weaving industry
to fabricate (sth)
woven palm fiber (used in handicraft) / coir / woven coconut fiber
to reorganize (troops etc) and discharge surplus personnel
editor's commentary
musical instrument consisting of a set of chime stones suspended from a beam and struck as a xylophone
executable program
EPROM (erasable programmable read-only memory)
coded character set
coding system

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