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(computing) cache / buffer memory
slow / slow-moving
to bring relief / to alleviate (a crisis) / to dull (a pain)
buffer / to cushion / to adjust to sharp changes
  *缓* | 缓* | *缓
slow / unhurried / sluggish / gradual / not tense / relaxed / to postpone / to defer / to stall / to stave off / to revive / to recuperate
to slow / to slow down (the pace of)
slowly / unhurriedly / little by little
to ease (tension) / to relax / to cause sth to relax / to alleviate / relaxed / easy and unhurried / leisurely / soothing / mild (slope)
to ease (tension) / to alleviate / to moderate / to allay / to make more mild
to defer / to postpone / to put off / to retard / to slow sth down
to slow down / to retard
to postpone
suspended sentence / probation
slow / sluggish
buffer (computer science)
level / almost flat / not strongly sloping / fig. moderate / mild-mannered / gentle
to brook no delay / to demand immediate action
to decrease gradually / to descend gradually
deferred death sentence / commuted death sentence with forced labor and judicial review after two years (PRC) (legal)
cache (computing)
slight or important, urgent or non-urgent (idiom); to deal with important matters first / sense of priority
to walk slowly / to amble along / gradually / slowly
to slow down / to ease up / to abate / slowdown / downturn
mild / gentle / to ease up / to relax
priority / whether sth is urgent
to defer / to put off (until later) / to postpone
cable reel and harness used to lower oneself to safety (e.g. from a building on fire)
to relax / to slacken / relaxation (in nuclear magnetic resonance)
not to hurry / to procrastinate / to postpone
slow / sluggish / lazily / to slow down
unhurried / deliberate
cache (computing)
delaying tactics / stalling / measures to stave off an attack / stratagem to win a respite
relieved / tensions relax
to relax / relaxed
low and unhurried (voice etc) / low and gently sloping (terrain)
to loosen
to suspend taxes momentarily / to postpone military draft
deferred death sentence / abbr. to 死緩|死缓
to get one's breath back / to take a breather
to urge reconciliation / to dissuade from punitive action
joy depresses one's qi vital breath / an excess of joy may lead to sluggishness of vital energy (TCM)
to defer employment / to put off hiring
to postpone / to delay
lit. slow no aid to urgent (idiom); slow measures will not address a critical situation / too slow to meet a pressing need
dilatory / slow in movement / roundabout
slight or important, urgent or non-urgent (idiom); to deal with important matters first / sense of priority / also written 輕重緩急|轻重缓急
to postpone / to extend
air lock
to help one another in difficulty / mutual assistance in extremity
delayed neutron
relaxed / unhurried
to defer payment

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