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  *给* | 给* | *给
to / for / for the benefit of / to give / to allow / to do sth (for sb) / (grammatical equivalent of ) / (grammatical equivalent of ) / (sentence intensifier)
  *给* | 给* | *给
to supply / to provide
to accord / to give / to show (respect)
to furnish / to provide / supply (as in supply and demand)
to send / to give as a present
to pay / payment
to give; to deliver; to hand over
to issue / to grant / to distribute
to return sth to sb
to set aside for
to state in advance / preset / given
to ration / to allocate
to supply water / to provide feedwater
supply / replenishment / to replenish
to lend to sb
to pass on to
(neologism c. 2020) come on, you can do it!
to deliver / to pay
to give / to grant
self-sufficiency / autarky
(I'll) teach you a lesson / put you in your place
provisions; supplies; victuals / (literary) to support; to provide for; to look after
the eye cannot take it all in (idiom); too many good things to see / a feast for the eyes
to give to / to provide to / to bring to / to take to
to lose to (sb) / to be outdone by
lit. each household provided for, enough for the individual (idiom); comfortably off
cool / nifty / awesome / impressive / to put in extra effort
to hand it (i.e. the aforementioned item) to (sb)
to pass on to / to transfer to / to hand on to / to pass to (in football etc)
variant of 給予|给予
to bestow / to give
(the name of an official position in the imperial court), aka 給事中|给事中
to donate
to award / to confer on (sb)
to administer medicine
lame (unimpressive) / a huge letdown / not to try at all
lit. each household provided for, enough for the individual (idiom); comfortably off
pay / salary
to divide (and give to others)
to give / to hand
to slip sb sth / to press sb to accept sth / to insert surreptitiously / to foist sth off on sb
ammunition depot
lit. to give sb a slap, then offer a sweet date (idiom) / fig. to deal harshly with sb, then offer sth by way of consolation
(Tw) gift given when visiting sb (esp. a local specialty brought back from one's travels, or a special product of one's own country taken overseas) (loanword from Japanese "omiyage")
lit. to kill a chicken in front of a monkey; fig. to make an example of sb (by punishment) to frighten others
to task
soap dispenser
to show deference or praise publicly
aggregate supply
salary; wage
depot / supply station / supply point / staging post
supply ship
supply ship
to forget (everything one has learned)
Beware of suspicious folk bearing gifts, they are sure to be ill-intentioned. (idiom)

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