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  *线* | 线* | *线
variant of 線|线
  *线* | 线* | *线
thread / string / wire / line / CL: 條|条, , / (after a number) tier (unofficial ranking of a Chinese city)
hotline (communications link)
itinerary / route / political line (e.g. right revisionist road) / CL: 條|条
to go online / to put sth online
horizontal line (in a fraction) / minimum passing score
special-purpose phone line or communications link / hotline / special rail line (e.g. between airport and city) / CL: 條|条
front line
assembly line / production line
FireWire (IEEE 1394 data-transfer interface)
firing line (battle) / live electrical wire
offline (computing)
curve / curved line / indirect / in a roundabout way
straight line / sharply (rise or fall)
wired / cable (television)
antenna / mast / connection with high-ranking officials
wire / power cord / CL:
to go offline
ultraviolet ray
front line / military front / workface / cutting edge
theater chain (abbr. for 電影院線|电影院线)
electrical lead / connecting line / (Tw) to connect (to a network, device etc) / to go online / connection / (congressional) caucus
main line (of communication) / main thread (of a plotline or concept) / central theme
to delineate / to draw a line / to underline
wiring / to connect a wire
light ray / CL: 條|条, / light / illumination / lighting (for a photograph)
computer bus
to underline / bottom line / base line (in sports) / baseline / minimum / spy / plant
short term
horizontal line / horizontal coordinate line
air or shipping route
the whole front (in a war) / the whole length (of a road or railway line)
red line
infrared ray
candlestick (in a candlestick chart)
long term
along the line (e.g. railway) / the region near the line
assembly line / (computing) pipeline
main line / trunk line
electrical lead
line of sight
branch line / side road / spur / fig. secondary plot (in a story)
battle line / battlefront / front
pipeline / general term for pipes, cables etc
power cable (of an appliance etc)
the mass line, CPC term for Party policy aimed at broadening and cultivating contacts with the masses
defensive line or perimeter / CL:
parallel lines
generating line / generatrix (in geometry) / bus (in electronics) / bus bar
Shinkansen (Japanese high-speed train)
half-way line / median line
ring road / circle line (e.g. rail or subway)
to get disconnected (from the Internet)
central axis (line)
informer / snitch / spy / scout / (cosmetics) eye line
underscore _ / underline
knitting wool / wool yarn
graph of average values
dividing line
(geometry) a diagonal
integrated wiring
minimum passing score for admission
rice-flour noodles
dotted line
(sports) to go out of bounds / to go over the line / to qualify for the next round of competition / (Tw) (fig.) to make the grade / to achieve success
tangent line (geometry)
crosswalk / zebra crossing
broken line (continuous figure made up of straight line segments) / polygonal line / dog leg
fuse (for an explosive device) / electrical lead / intermediary / catalyst / (dialect) sewing needle
the starting line (of a race) / scratch line (in a relay race)
(of a guitar, kite etc) to have a string break / (of a tradition etc) to be discontinued / (telephone or Internet connection) disconnected / cut off
extension cord / extended line / powerstrip
united front
central axis (line)
diagonal line / slanting line / slash (punct.) / forward slash (computing)
grid lines / graticule
tropic / one of the two latitude lines, Tropic of Capricorn or Tropic of Cancer
solid line
coastline / seaboard / shoreline
data bus (computer)
string / thread
limits / bounds / dividing line
skirting board
police cordon / alert level
sewing thread / suture
an outline / silhouette
streamline (physics)
assembly line / production line
sunken cord (used in bookbinding)

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