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  *红* | 红* | *红
red / popular / revolutionary / bonus
  *红* | 红* | *红
surname Hong
Internet celebrity
dividend / to award a bonus
to be popular / to be in luck / to have good luck / to develop smoothly
crimson / scarlet
a good beginning
to blush / to redden (with shame, indignation etc)
to be a big hit / to be hugely popular
The East is Red, north Shaanxi folk song
currently popular (of movie stars, singers etc)
to redden
fiery / blazing
very red / red through and through / to blush (deep red)
scarlet / bright red
rouge (cosmetics)
to turn red / to blush / to flush
poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima)
to blush / to redden / flushed
orange (color) / orange peel (used in TCM)
to covet / envious / jealous / green with envy / infuriated / furious
thousands of purples and reds (idiom); a blaze of color / fig. a profusion of flourishing trades
reddish-gold (color)
flowers on red silk (a traditional gift to celebrate weddings etc) / a bonus / crab apple (Malus asiatica)
bright red
to turn red (in the face) / to flush (with embarrassment or anger)
lit. beautiful purples and brilliant reds (idiom) / fig. beautiful flowers
to blush
Man Jiang Hong (Chinese poems)
to win instant success (idiom) / to become an instant hit
Indian azalea (Rhododendron simsii)
kind of Chinese wine
dark red
Xiao Hong (1911-1942), prominent woman writer, originally from Heilongjiang
(coll.) to bleed (esp. vaginal bleeding) / to suffer a financial loss
to trace over red characters (as a method of learning to write)
to make popular / to make famous
to heat until red-hot
young Chinese cyber-nationalists
Cherie Chung (1960-), Hong Kong actress
pink / light red
Dian Hong tea
the feminine arts (e.g. needlework)
to blush
pink / silvery red / pale rose color
success across the board / victory in everything one touches
Zeng Qinghong (1939-), vice-president of PRC 2003-2008
reddish brown
pinkish-red (color)
to become suddenly popular / suddenly all the rage
tender pink
carmine / magenta
Qiao Hong (1968-), former PRC female table tennis player
to drape sb in red silk as a sign of honor
No flower can bloom for a hundred days. / Good times do not last long. (idiom)
printing portions of a page (e.g. a banner headline) in red (or other color)
potherb mustard / Brassica juncea var. crispifolia
when the enemies come face to face, their eyes blaze with hatred (idiom)
poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima)
green willow and red flowers / all the colors of spring
merbromin / mercurochrome
dark red
to become popular overnight

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