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  *红* | 红* | *红
red / popular / revolutionary / bonus
tomato / CL: 隻|只
  *红* | 红* | *红
surname Hong
red (color) / revolutionary
Internet celebrity
money wrapped in red as a gift / bonus payment / kickback / bribe
dividend / to award a bonus
Hongqi district of Xinxiang city 新鄉市|新乡市, Henan
red flag / CL:
infrared (ray)
Hongxing district of Yichun city 伊春市, Heilongjiang
red star / five pointed star as symbol or communism or proletariat / hot film star
red wine
bonus / dividend
a beautiful woman / young beauties / youths / rosy cheeks
Red Army (1928-1937), predecessor of the PLA / (Soviet) Red Army (1917-1946)
azuki bean / red bean
simmer-fried (dish)
the world of mortals (Buddhism) / human society / worldly affairs
red line
to be popular / to be in luck / to have good luck / to develop smoothly
red autumnal leaves
A Dream of Red Mansions (first completed edition 1791) by Cao Xueqin 曹雪芹, one of the four great novels
Honghe county in Honghe Hani and Yi autonomous prefecture, Yunnan / Red River in China / Northern Vietnam
safflower (Carthamus tinctorius)
sweet potato
crimson / scarlet
jujube / red date
black tea / CL: , 壺|壶
red card (sports)
red light
a favorite of sb in power / a celebrity / American Indian
a good beginning
Red Cross
chili oil
infrared ray
red wood / mahogany / rosewood / padauk
traffic light / traffic signal
red braised pork
dark brown sugar / molasses
Red Bull (energy drink)
to blush / to redden (with shame, indignation etc)
to be a big hit / to be hugely popular
Red Sea
Hongshan District of Chifeng City 赤峰市, Inner Mongolia
red neckscarf / by extension, a member of the Young Pioneers
The East is Red, north Shaanxi folk song
red lotus
heart ♥ (in card games) / red, heart-shaped symbol / bullseye
Hongqiao district of Tianjin municipality 天津市
inflamed / red and swollen
currently popular (of movie stars, singers etc)
to redden
fiery / blazing
very red / red through and through / to blush (deep red)
red mangrove (Rhizophora mangle) / CL:
rouge and powder / (fig.) the fair sex
red carpet
scarlet / bright red
erythema (pathol.) / rash in red patches
rouge (cosmetics)
to become infuriated / to see red / envious / jealous / covetous / pink eye (conjunctivitis) / red-eye (flight)(photography) red eye
Little Red Riding Hood
red tourism, focused on sites in China associated with the Communist Revolution
five-starred red flag (PRC national flag)
to turn red / to blush / to flush
erythrocyte / red blood cell
red collar / government worker
clappers (musical instrument used to mark the time, made from ivory or hardwood and painted red)
hot red pepper / chili
poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima)
splendid gay female clothing
red chip stocks (Chinese company stocks incorporated outside mainland China and listed in the Hong Kong stock exchange)
ruddy / rosy / florid
to run a red light / failing to stop at a red traffic light / (slang) to have sex with a girl while she is menstruating
to blush / to redden / flushed
red-purple / mauve / prune (color) / claret
Internet celebrity
Hongta district of Yuxi city 玉溪市, Yunnan
Honghe Hani and Yi autonomous prefecture in Yunnan 雲南|云南
orange (color) / orange peel (used in TCM)
infrared spectrum
Hongqiao district of Tianjin municipality 天津市
to covet / envious / jealous / green with envy / infuriated / furious
red soil / laterite
mangrove forest or swamp
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