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  *繩* | 繩* | *繩
rope / CL:
Okinawa, Japan
hawser / steel rope
cord / string / rope / CL: 條|条
to jump rope / jump rope
a lasso
Okinawa prefecture, Japan
Jyōmon period of Japanese prehistory, with rope pattern pottery
tow rope
Okinawa Island
cable / hawser / mooring rope
yardstick / fig. criterion / ground rule
to punish according to the law / to bring to justice
string / cotton rope
noose / harness
lit. carpenter's straight line marker / same as 墨斗 / fig. rules / rules and regulations
string / twine / cord
tightrope walking
to twist together to form a rope / (fig.) to unite / to work together
hamstring (anatomy)
string to tie hair
the Okinawa archipelago
a rope ladder
rope of palm fiber / coir (coconut fiber)
a noose
compasses, set square, spirit level and plumbline (idiom); fig. established standard / norms / criteria
lit. like locusts tied to one rope (idiom) / fig. in the same boat / in it together for better or worse / to sink or swim together
compasses, set square and straight line marker (idiom); fig. established standard / norms / criteria
to advance or retreat, each has its rules (idiom from Zhuangzi); many translations are possible
once bitten by a snake, ten years in fear of a well rope / once bitten, twice shy (idiom)
bitten by a snake in one year, fears the well rope for ten years (idiom); once bitten twice shy

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