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busy (telephone line)
trail / clues / thread (of a story)
line of sight
  *线* | 线* | *线
thread / string / wire / line / CL: 條|条, , / (after a number) tier (unofficial ranking of a Chinese city)
offline (computing)
hotline (communications link)
to go online / to put sth online
computer bus
solenoid (electrical engineering) / coil
bottom line; the limit of what one is prepared to accept / (sports) baseline / (sewing) under thread / spy; informer; plant
curve / curved line / indirect / in a roundabout way
itinerary / route / political line (e.g. right revisionist road) / CL: 條|条
line (in drawing, calligraphy etc) / the lines or contours of a three-dimensional object (hairstyle, clothing, car etc)
wire / power cord / CL:
special-purpose phone line or communications link / hotline / special rail line (e.g. between airport and city) / CL: 條|条
to get disconnected (from the Internet)
linear / linearity
to delineate / to draw a line / to underline
horizontal line (in a fraction) / minimum passing score
straight line / sharply (rise or fall)
wired / cable (television)
generating line / generatrix (in geometry) / bus (in electronics) / bus bar
horizontal line / (math.) horizontal axis
air or shipping route
front line / military front / workface / cutting edge
light ray / CL: 條|条, / light / illumination / lighting (for a photograph)
(computing) thread
wiring / to connect a wire
pipeline / general term for pipes, cables etc
FireWire (IEEE 1394 data-transfer interface)
firing line (battle) / live electrical wire
antenna / mast / connection with high-ranking officials
main line (of communication) / main thread (of a plotline or concept) / central theme
the whole front (in a war) / the whole length (of a road or railway line)
to go offline / (of a product) to roll off the assembly line / downline (person below oneself in a pyramid scheme)
electrical lead / connecting line / (Tw) to connect (to a network, device etc) / to go online / connection / (congressional) caucus
solid line / continuous line
branch line / side road / spur / fig. secondary plot (in a story)
battle line / battlefront / front
defensive line or perimeter / CL:
central axis (line)
short term
cable / wire / cord (computer)
parallel lines
main line / trunk line
electrical lead
ring road / circle line (e.g. rail or subway)
knitting wool / wool yarn
half-way line / median line
red line
underscore _ / underline
informer / snitch / spy / scout / (cosmetics) eye line
graph of average values
long term
the starting line (of a race) / scratch line (in a relay race)
baseline (surveying, budgeting, typography etc) / (math.) base (of a triangle)
theater chain (abbr. for 電影院線|电影院线)
thread / silk yarn
line segment
fuse (for an explosive device) / electrical lead / intermediary / catalyst / (dialect) sewing needle
dotted line / dashed line / (math.) imaginary line
marking line (painted on a road to guide motorists) / reticle / graticule
(sports) to go out of bounds / to go over the line / to qualify for the next round of competition / (Tw) (fig.) to make the grade / to achieve success
tangent line (geometry)
(of a guitar, kite etc) to have a string break / (of a tradition etc) to be discontinued / (telephone or Internet connection) disconnected / cut off
police cordon / alert level
(slang) cleavage / (palmistry) business line
power strip / powerboard (with multiple electrical sockets)
a front (militant group) / line of battle / alignment (towards a political party etc)
(music) staff / stave
eyeliner (cosmetics)
tropic / one of the two latitude lines, Tropic of Capricorn or Tropic of Cancer
to shift one's eyes / (fig.) to shift one's attention / to divert attention
linear system
diagonal line / slanting line / slash (punct.) / forward slash (computing)
(military) line of troops encircling an enemy position / (telephony) outside line / (basketball) outside the three-point line
sideline / foul line
to remove stitches (from a wound)
needle and thread / needlework
warp / line of longitude / meridian (geography)
string / thread
spy / informer
wool / woolen thread
dental floss / CL: 條|条
gamma rays
moving average (in financial analysis)
to pull strings / to manipulate (a puppet) / to control from behind the scene / to mediate
streamline (physics)
(math.) plane curve

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