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system / CL: 個|个
tradition / traditional / convention / conventional / CL: 個|个
president (of a country) / CL: 個|个, , , 屆|届
  *統* | 統* | *統
to gather / to unite / to unify / whole
operating system (Tw)
operating system
respiratory system
to unify / unified
nervous system
Zhengtong Emperor, reign name of sixth Ming Emperor Zhu Qizhen 朱祁鎮|朱祁镇 (1427-1464), reigned 1435-1449, temple name Yingzong 英宗
immune system
urinary system
general / broad / sweeping / lacking in detail / vague
digestive system / gastrointestinal tract
Confucian orthodoxy
circulatory system
information system
satellite navigation system / sat-nav
What a scandal! / Whatever next?
early warning system
financial system
reign name (1909-1911) of the last Qing emperor Pu Yi 溥儀|溥仪
cultural tradition
desktop system
reproductive system
lymphatic system
network operating system
decorum / propriety / arrangement or form (of piece of writing)
open system
content management system (CMS) (Internet)
weapon system
president (of a country) / same as 總統|总统
blood relationship / lineage / parentage
point of sale system
not according with decorum (idiom); scandalous / bad form / unacceptable behavior
limbic system
complex system
holocene system (geological strata laid down during the last 12000 years)
"abandonment of reunification", abolition of the cross-straits reunification committee
unification (of the nation) / large scale unification
coding system
expert system
system of nomenclature
anti-missile system / missile defense system
Globalnaya Navigatsionaya Satelinaya Sistema or Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS), the Russian equivalent of GPS / abbr. to 格洛納斯|格洛纳斯
linear system
global positioning system (GPS)
BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) (similar to GPS)
to succeed on the throne
autonomic nervous system
open system(s)
Oligocene system (geology)
pure-blood; full-blood
network management system / NMS
many particle systems (physics)
global positioning system (GPS)
network operating system
central nervous system, CNS
fuzing system
global positioning system (GPS)
GPS (Global Positioning System)
phonetic system
arming system
to unify by using military force (usu. in relation to Taiwan)
transmission system / power drive
communication system
lower Cambrian series (geological strata from approx 530 million years ago)
not according with decorum / scandalous / bad form / unacceptable behavior
fuel supply system / lubricating system
former president
propulsion system / (math.) dynamical system
Palaeocene system (geology)
lacking in propriety / bad form
Eocene system (geology)
Aegis Combat System (weapons system developed for the US Navy)
closed-circuit rebreather scuba (diving)
UMNO (United Malays National Organisation), Malaysia's largest political party
drainage system / excretory system
ventilation system that purifies outdoor air during intake
end system
network management
autonomous system
autonomic nervous system
visuo-spatial sketchpad
software system
input system / data entry system
computer system

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