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  *紫* | 紫* | *紫
purple / violet
ultraviolet ray
crape myrtle
purple / violet (color)
Zijin county in Heyuan 河源, Guangdong
violet (botany)
G.E.M. (1991-), Chinese pop star
Chinese redbud (Cercis chinensis)
beefsteak plant / shiso / Perilla frutescens
flavored roasted seaweed / generic term for edible seaweed / Japanese: nori
Ziyun Hmong and Buyei autonomous county in Anshun 安順|安顺, Guizhou
dark reddish purple / Internet slang abbr. for 這樣子|这样子
lit. beautiful purples and brilliant reds (idiom) / fig. beautiful flowers
Ziyang County in Ankang 安康, Shaanxi
red-purple / mauve / prune (color) / claret
the Forbidden City / the Imperial Palace in Beijing / same as 故宮|故宫
copper (pure copper, as opposed to alloy)
purple cloud (auspicious portent in astrology)
Japanese yew (taxus cuspidata)
thousands of purples and reds (idiom); a blaze of color / fig. a profusion of flourishing trades
Purple Mountain in suburbs of Nanjing, with Ming tombs and Sun Yat-sen's mausoleum
black bamboo (Phyllostachys nigra)
red sandalwood
to hit the big time
ultraviolet light
dark reddish purple
red cabbage / purple cabbage
gimbap (Korean rice roll similar in appearance to sushi) / kimbap
red root gromwell (Lithospermum erythrorhizon) / flowering plant whose roots provide purple dye / arnebia (plant genus in family Boraginaceae)
Taxol (a.k.a. Paclitaxel), mitotic inhibitor used in cancer chemotherapy
Zijin county in Heyuan 河源, Guangdong
Ziyang County in Ankang 安康, Shaanxi
(botany) aster (Aster tataricus)
gentian violet C25H30ClN3 / crystal violet
violet (color)
Hong Kong orchid (Bauhinia blakeana)
grayish purple color
gentian violet
Zhao Ziyang (1919-2005), PRC reforming politician, general secretary of Chinese Communist Party 1987-1989, held under house arrest from 1989 to his death, and non-person since then
Chinese milk vetch (Astragalus sinicus)
Chinese violet (Viola mandsurica)
(bird species of China) purple swamphen (Porphyrio porphyrio)
purple qipao gown, the sign of an official position
sable (Martes zibellina)
a type of clay found in the region of Yixing 宜興|宜兴, used to make Yixing stoneware, with its distinctive russet or dark purple coloring
sage (herb)
Ziyun Hmong and Buyei autonomous county in Anshun 安順|安顺, Guizhou
to get red and swollen
ultraviolet light
(bird species of China) Japanese paradise flycatcher (Terpsiphone atrocaudata)
golden seal at the waist, purple gown (idiom); in official position
Hu Ziwei (1970-), PRC lady TV presenter
red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet (the colors of the rainbow)
porphyria (medicine)
HMS Amethyst, Royal Navy corvette involved in a 1949 gunfight with the PLA on the Changjiang
coneflower genus (Echinacea)
Zipingpu reservoir, Sichuan
Great Bauhinia Medal (GBM), Hong Kong's highest honor
Zipingpu Reservoir, Sichuan
Hu Ziwei (1970-), PRC lady TV presenter
Boraginaceae (family of flowers and bushes)
purple cabbage / Brassica campestris var. purpurea
(bird species of China) pale-capped pigeon (Columba punicea)
ultraviolet (ray)
your appearance (honorific)
ultraviolet ray
(bird species of China) blue whistling thrush (Myophonus caeruleus)
genus Perilla (includes basil and mints)
sage (herb)
Porphyra (genus of edible seaweed)
(bird species of China) chestnut-cheeked starling (Agropsar philippensis)
amethyst (purple crystalline silicon dioxide)
Murasaki Shikibu (born c. 973), Japanese writer, author of "The Tale of Genji"
(bird species of China) common starling (Sturnus vulgaris)
(bird species of China) ruby-cheeked sunbird (Chalcoparia singalensis)
(bird species of China) violet cuckoo (Chrysococcyx xanthorhynchus)
(bird species of China) Taiwan whistling thrush (Myophonus insularis)
(bird species of China) Lord Derby's parakeet (Psittacula derbiana)
Zi Wei Dou Shu, a form of Chinese fortune-telling
Zipingpu reservoir, Sichuan
(bird species of China) purple cochoa (Cochoa purpurea)
flower or herb of Heteropappus altaicus (used in TCM) / Flos seu Herba Heteropappi altaici
white amaranth, purple eggplant (idiom); common foodstuff, unpretentious lifestyle
(bird species of China) purple sunbird (Cinnyris asiaticus)
(bird species of China) von Schrenck's bittern (Ixobrychus eurhythmus)
(bird species of China) yellow-billed nuthatch (Sitta solangiae)
Japanese ardisia (Ardisia japonica)
Purple Mountain Observatory
palace of Jade emperor (in Taoism)

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