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hurriedly / without delay
  *紧* | 紧* | *紧
tight / strict / close at hand / near / urgent / tense / hard up / short of money / to tighten
to grasp firmly / to pay special attention to / to rush in / to make the most of
closely / tightly
to tighten up (restrictions etc)
to intensify / to speed up / to step up
important / urgent
to stretch taut
to clamp / to grip
to compress
in short supply / dire / tense / critical / hard-pressed / important
to tighten / to contract / to shrink in
to tighten
short of money / hard up
to squeeze
to close firmly / to fasten securely / to make fast / to lock
strict / tight
tightfisted / stingy / short of money / hard up
not important / of no consequence
unimportant / not serious / it doesn't matter / never mind / it looks all right, but
unimportant / not serious / it doesn't matter / never mind
to pull tight / tensioning
gird / tighten
to fasten tightly with a hoop
urgent / in a great hurry / in intimate relationship with sb
(fig.) the situation is tense

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