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nervous / keyed up / intense / tense / strained / in short supply / scarce / CL: 陣|阵
urgent / emergency
hurriedly / without delay
pressing / urgent
compact / terse / tight (schedule)
  *紧* | 紧* | *紧
tight / strict / close at hand / near / urgent / tense / hard up / short of money / to tighten
inseparably close
closely / tightly
to grasp firmly / to pay special attention to / to rush in / to make the most of
to snatch time / to rush / to hurry (up) / to seize the moment
in short supply / scarce
to follow precisely / to comply with
compact car model
immediately afterwards / shortly after that
to intensify / to speed up / to step up
to stick closely to (a topic or theme etc)
(economics) to reduce / to curtail / to cut back / to tighten / austerity / tightening / crunch
to tighten up (restrictions etc)
to hold firmly, not let go
to clamp / to grip
to stick close to / to press up against
state of emergency
to be right next to / close neighbor
important / urgent
to gaze / to stare fixedly
to stretch taut / (of muscles etc) taut / strained / tense
unimportant / not serious / it doesn't matter / never mind / it looks all right, but
to close securely / tightly closed / secure
to compress
to coordinate closely / to act in close partnership with
to follow closely behind sb or sth (idiom)
to stretch taut
to be right next to / to lean closely against
critical / crucial / vital
in short supply / dire / tense / critical / hard-pressed / important
to pull tight / tensioning
tight / firm / dense / packed
indifferent / insignificant
(a length of) elastic
emergency medical care
lit. to bite the teeth tightly (idiom); fig. to grit one's teeth and bear the pain / to bite the bullet
to tighten / to contract / to shrink in
to follow immediately afterwards / immediately adjacent
to press hard / to close in on
urgent / in a great hurry / in intimate relationship with sb
to pursue closely
hypertension / excessive stress
tense situation / standoff
urgent and important moment (idiom); critical juncture
to hug / to embrace
(merchandise) in high demand
short of money / hard up
the Band-tightening Spell (in 西遊記|西游记) / a spell or incantation for controlling sb
emergency evacuation
to close firmly / to fasten securely / to make fast / to lock
to tighten
not important / of no consequence
to squeeze
closely interrelated / intimately related
tight / stretched / (face, lips) taut / strained
gird / tighten
compact set
to fasten tightly with a hoop
unimportant / not serious / it doesn't matter / never mind
tight fitting / hard up (i.e. lacking money)
emergency risk
to concentrate on studying hard
tightfisted / stingy / short of money / hard up
to wrap tightly / to wind tightly / to bind / close-fitting (clothes)
strict / tight
tight (i.e. lacking money) / hard up / same as 緊巴巴|紧巴巴
(fig.) the situation is tense
emergency management
to pinch / to squeeze tightly
to tighten one's belt / to live more frugally
to keep a close eye on sb (idiom)
Federal Emergency Management Agency / FEMA
supply shortage
closely woven fabric
lockjaw / trismus
post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS)

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