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newspaper / newsprint / CL: , , 張|张
bank notes / paper currency / CL: 張|张
paper bag
carton / cardboard box
paper towel / napkin / facial tissue / CL: 張|张,
scrap paper
paper pulp
letter paper / writing paper
cardboard / card stock
slip of paper
rough straw paper / toilet paper / brown paper
disposable diaper
blueprint / drawing / design plans / graph paper
paper folding / origami
filter paper
paperboard / board
sandpaper (i.e. abrasive)
photographic paper
trimmer / paper cutter
lit. dazzling with paper and gold (idiom); fig. indulging in a life of luxury
joss paper made to resemble paper money
papercutting (Chinese folk art) / to make paper cutouts
a piece, scrap or fragment of paper
kraft paper
(written) in black and white
carbon paper
fine writing paper, originally from Jing county 涇縣|泾县, Xuancheng 宣城, Anhui
ritual money made of paper burnt for the Gods or the dead
waste paper
paper tiger
disposable diaper
toilet paper / bathroom tissue
lit. military tactics on paper (idiom) / fig. theoretical discussion that is worse than useless in practice / armchair strategist / idle theorizing / cf Zhao Kuo 趙括|赵括 leading an army of 400,000 to total annihilation at battle of Changping 長平之戰|长平之战 in 260 BC
toilet paper
draft paper
disposable diaper
electronic book reader
toilet paper
(Internet slang) (pun on 妹子)
to burn paper offerings (as part of religious ceremony)
  *紙* | 紙* | *紙
paper / CL: 張|张, / classifier for documents, letter etc
to appear vividly on paper (idiom); to show forth vividly (in writing, painting etc) / to stand out markedly
paperless office
silverfish (Lepisma saccarina) / fish moth
newspaper report
cardboard / stiff paper
paper products / stationery
aluminum foil / CL: 張|张
paper doll / papercut silhouette
paper flower
paper cone used as hailer
gold contract / special drawing right (SDR) / paper gold (finance)
paper clip
paper matrix in which type is set
paper pattern as model in dressmaking / paper patten
squared paper / graph paper / grid paper (manuscript paper with squares for Chinese characters)
paper pulp
juice box / drink in a carton / Tetra Pak drink
lit. paper can't wrap fire; fig. the truth will out
playing card
fine paper made from bamboo, used for calligraphy, painting etc / also written 毛邊|毛边
a worthless piece of paper (idiom)
paper dolls for ritual use in the shape of people or animals
paper tape / ticker tape / paper streamer
target sheet
(idiom) a piece of paper is too short to convey my feelings
lit. paper has become expensive in Luoyang (because everyone is making a copy of a popular story) (idiom) / fig. (of a product) to sell like hotcakes
rice paper / membrane of glutinous rice, used to wrap sweets etc
paper ingots (burned as offerings to the dead)
paper wedding (first wedding anniversary)
ash from burnt paper
label / sticker
to treasure written material as a cultural resource (idiom)
litmus paper (chemistry)
joss paper
wastepaper basket
paper dolls for ritual use in the shape of people or animals
paper crane
writing pad
lit. dazzling with paper and gold (idiom); fig. indulging in a life of luxury
paper tissue (in a box)
to dig into piles of outdated writings (idiom); to study old books and papers
imitation parchment
paper on which silkworm lays its eggs
enlarging paper (photography) / bromide paper

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