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foodstuff / cereals / CL: 種|种
  *糧* | 糧* | *糧
grain / food / provisions / agricultural tax paid in grain
grain crops other than rice and wheat
rations (to take on expedition)
to run out of food
army provisions / rations and fodder
to lack food supplies
(dialect) to pay salary
coarse grains (maize, sorghum etc)
grain store
land tax / money and grain (given as tax or tribute)
coupons for food or grain used in a PRC economic program c. 1955-1993
army provisions
Wuliangye liquor / Five Grain liquor
food and agriculture / grain farmer
grain depot
tax paid in grain
dog food / (Internet slang) public display of affection (term used by singles 單身狗|单身狗 forced to "eat" it)
army provisions
route for providing foodstuff
to grow crops / food growing
out of ammunition and no food left (idiom); in desperate straits
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
surplus grain
food cereals
grain retailer (in former times)
autumn grain crops
grain reserves
granary / barn / fig. bread basket (of fertile agricultural land)
lit. imperial funding for troops / funds or items supplied by the government
refined grain (rice, wheat etc)
provisions (e.g. military) / forage / fodder
grain crops / cereals
famine / critical shortage of grain
to pay taxes in kind (rice, cloth etc)
before the troops move, fodder and provisions go first (idiom); logistics comes before military maneuvers / an army marches on its stomach
(slang) to be lovey-dovey in public
lit. eating away next year's food in advance / fig. to dip into the next month's check / live now, pay later
provisions are exhausted / out of food
commodity grain (grain produced as a commodity rather than for self-sufficiency)
relief grain / emergency provisions
lit. to eat from government coffers / to serve as a government employee / to live off government money
major agricultural province
grain supply station
elite soldiers, ample provisions (idiom); well-prepared forces / preparations for war are in an advanced state
food growing area
World food program (United Nations aid agency)
army provisions
dry rations
knapsack (for provisions) / haversack
wholesale grain store
to store up provisions against a war
grain bought by the state and resold to areas undergoing a grain shortage
to eat without working (idiom) / to take one's pay and not care about the rest
to hand in one's ration cards / to die

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