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alcohol / ethanol CH3CH2OH / ethyl alcohol / also written 乙醇 / grain alcohol
  *精* | 精* | *精
essence / extract / vitality / energy / semen / sperm / mythical goblin spirit / highly perfected / elite / the pick of sth / proficient (refined ability) / extremely (fine) / selected rice (archaic)
ejaculation / to ejaculate
evil spirit / alluring woman
seasoning / condiment / flavoring / dressing / essences
to perfect sth that is already outstanding (idiom); constantly improving
chicken bouillon powder (PRC) / essence of chicken, concentrated chicken stock sold as a tonic (Tw)
monosodium glutamate (MSG)
dishwashing liquid
fox-spirit / vixen / witch / enchantress
nocturnal emission / wet dream
to receive sperm / fertilized / insemination
White Bone Spirit (in the novel Journey to the West 西遊記|西游记) / (fig.) sly and cunning person
sex fluids
essential balm containing menthol, eucalyptus oil etc, used as a mosquito repellant
to swallow semen
pork bouillon powder / (neologism) (slang) a person who, like a pig, is fat and ugly and given to histrionics
malt milk extract
extensive and penetrating (idiom); expansive and profound (of writing)
gnome / goblin
royal jelly
(neologism c. 2017) melodramatic person / drama queen
goblin / hussy / floozy
King Solomon's seal (plant of genus Polygonatum)
vanilla / vanilla extract / methyl vanillin C8H8O3
artificial insemination
sophisticate / man with extensive experience / child prodigy / Wunderkind (i.e. brilliant child) / spirit within a person (i.e. blood and essential breath 血氣|血气 of TCM)
extensive but not refined (idiom); to know something about everything / jack-of-all-trades, master of none
non-dairy creamer
goblin that kills or harms people / fig. wicked scoundrel / terrible pest
exceptionally bright kid / child prodigy
(slang) gay / sissy / poof / abbr. for 馬屁精|马屁精
(jocular) anorexic girl; a bag of bones
unfertilized (of ova, not soil)
(slang) (neologism c. 2018) argumentative person
fabric softener (Tw)
dishwashing liquid
agar-agar powder
(dialect) shrewd / clever
leanness-enhancing agent (for livestock)
mineral spirits
rice cereal for infants (Tw)
phytoncide (biochemistry)
toady / bootlicker
in vitro fertilization

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