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bean vermicelli / mung bean starch noodles / Chinese vermicelli / cellophane noodles / CL: / fan (loanword) / enthusiast for sb or sth
  *粉* | 粉* | *粉
powder / cosmetic face powder / food prepared from starch / noodles or pasta made from any kind of flour / whitewash / white / pink
pink / white / erotic / beautiful woman / powdered (with make-up)
powdered milk
to crush / to smash / to shatter
starch / amylum C6H10O5
fine powder / dust
dust / airborne powder / solid particulate matter
chalk / CL: ,
pulverizer / grinder
dry powder
rice flour / rice-flour noodles / (Internet slang) Xiaomi fan
foundation (cosmetics)
to paint / to whitewash / emulsion / plaster
rouge and powder / (fig.) the fair sex
vermicelli made from mung bean starch etc
(slang) anti-fan
liangfen (Chinese dish) / grass jelly (Chinese dish)
compact (cosmetics)
laundry detergent / washing powder
pimple / comedo / blackhead / acne
"zombie fans", fake followers that can be bought to boost one's popularity on Weibo, Baidu etc
rice noodle roll, a roll made from sheets of rice flour dough, steamed and stuffed with meat, vegetables etc
fish meal
to increase followers / to get more fans
corn starch
glutinous rice flour
(slang) fanboy / fangirl
cornflour / starch powder (cooking)
to paint / to whitewash / to decorate / plaster / fig. to gloss over / to cover up
ground pepper (i.e. powder)
face powder and eyebrow liner / cosmetics / (fig.) beautiful woman
powder puff (cosmetics)
talcum powder
cornflour / corn starch
(slang) fan of Apple products
die-hard fan
lit. torn body and crushed bones (idiom) / fig. to die horribly / to sacrifice one's life
to lose fans
icing sugar / confectioner's sugar / powdered sugar
poisoned milk powder / refers to 2008 PRC scandal involving milk powder adulterated with melamine 三聚氰胺
bread flour / hard flour
pollination / to pollinate
face powder / chalk powder / heroin
whitewashed wall / to whitewash a wall
loose powder (makeup)
face powder / talcum powder
rice noodles in wide strips
baby powder / talcum powder
mealworm (Tenebrio molitor)
baking powder
(wheat) starch / amylum
to follow each other's accounts (on Weibo etc)
young Chinese cyber-nationalists
red pepper powder / paprika
tapioca ball
to make up and go on stage (idiom); to embark on a career (esp. in politics or crime)
baking powder
hay fever
five spices powder
(Internet slang) to go from being an admirer to being a detractor
all-purpose flour / flour for making dumplings and noodles
bone meal
residue from drilling / slag hill
crab meat
curry powder
baking soda
powdery mildew
custard powder
dental floss / tooth powder
dust / sand
wheat starch
rice flour meat
(Internet slang) to go from being indifferent to being a big fan
prostitute (old) / crafty character (in opera)
(of a woman, a flower etc) delicate colors
self-rising flour
gemelli (corkscrew shaped pasta)
fine powder / broken pieces
fusilli (corkscrew shaped pasta)
glitter (sparkling material)
to put on makeup / to prettify
(Tw) cellophane noodles / mung bean vermicelli
cornstarch / potato starch
(biochemistry) inulin (aka fructosan)
to pretend that everything is going well
shampoo powder
red lead oxide Pb3O4 / rouge and white lead / cosmetics

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