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  *簿* | 簿* | *簿
a book / a register / account-book
household register
visitor's book / CL:
savings book / bank account passbook
account book
telephone directory
official registrar (of a county etc) in imperial China
notebook / book
to confront sb with accusation / written charge in court (in former times) / to take sb to court
an account book / a ledger
contact book
account books / registers / records
a register / land register / account book / ledger
stamp album / CL: , 冊|册,
writing pad
photo album
a memo book (recording events)
catalog of prostitutes (esp. in Yuan theater)
public courtroom accusation (idiom) / legal confrontation / to take sb to court / to sue
checkbook (banking)
attendance record book
album / photo album / sketch book
(Tw) household registration certificate (identity document)

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