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to plan / to intend / to calculate / plan / intention / calculation / CL: 個|个
to count / to calculate / to compute / CL: 個|个
at long last / finally / on the whole
to perform calculations / (mathematical) operation
to settle a bill / to close an account
worthwhile / to be a good deal / to be a bargain / to reckon up / to calculate
to calculate / to weigh (pros and cons) / to view as profitable / worthwhile / value for money / cost-effective
  *算* | 算* | *算
to regard as / to figure / to calculate / to compute
(coll.) even if
assessment / evaluation
to convert / conversion / (in accounting, referring to currency conversion) translation
to settle accounts / to clear accounts / to liquidate / to expose and criticize
to calculate / accounting
to take measurements and calculate
to calculate / to reckon / to extrapolate (in calculation)
to do a sum in writing / written calculation
to calculate / to perform calculations
to plot against
divine strategy and wonderful planning (idiom) / clever scheme / supremely clever in his schemes
to be worthwhile / to be worth it
to plot / to scheme / to calculate
odds of success / stratagem that ensures success / to be sure of success
to convert (between currencies)
to miscalculate / miscalculation
to calculate (using bamboo tokens on a counting board); to count beads / (fig.) to budget; to plan (an investment)
calculation using abacus
to collect data and square up; to settle accounts
rigorous schemes and deep foresight (idiom); astute and circumspect
meticulous planning and careful accounting (idiom)
to verify a calculation / a double-check
taking everything into account (idiom) / when all is said and done
mental arithmetic / to figure out
to count with one's fingers / on the spot calculation
mental arithmetic / to calculate in one's head / planning / preparation
final account / to calculate the final bill / fig. to draw up plans to deal with sth
to not calculate / to not count / to not be considered (as) / to have no weight
ternary operator (computing)
to have the final say / to be the one in charge
it isn't worth it / not cost-effective / not profitable / too expensive
parallel computing
man proposes, God disposes (idiom) / one's plans can be derailed by unforeseen events
the four basic operations of arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)
defense budget
to count on one's fingers
annual budget
floating point operation
to be assured of success
the hero has plans already laid (idiom); to have plans ready in advance / forewarned is forearmed
to be literate and numerate (idiom)
inverse operation / inverse calculation
logical calculation
to recalculate / to reckon again
cloud computing

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