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to plan / to intend / to calculate / plan / intention / calculation / CL: 個|个
to count / to calculate / to compute / CL: 個|个
at long last / finally / on the whole
to settle a bill / to close an account
to perform calculations / (mathematical) operation
worthwhile / to be a good deal / to be a bargain / to reckon up / to calculate
granted that / even if
to calculate / to weigh (pros and cons) / to view as profitable / worthwhile / value for money / cost-effective
cloud computing
to calculate / accounting
  *算* | 算* | *算
to regard as / to figure / to calculate / to compute
assessment / evaluation
to convert / conversion / (in accounting, referring to currency conversion) translation
to take measurements and calculate
to calculate / to reckon / to extrapolate (in calculation)
to plot against
to plot / to scheme / to calculate
odds of success / stratagem that ensures success / to be sure of success
to settle accounts / to clear accounts / to liquidate / to expose and criticize
the four basic operations of arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)
to convert (between currencies)
to miscalculate / miscalculation
it isn't worth it / not cost-effective / not profitable / too expensive
parallel computing
to do a sum in writing / written calculation
annual budget
divine strategy and wonderful planning (idiom) / clever scheme / supremely clever in his schemes
floating point operation
to calculate / to perform calculations
to be worthwhile / to be worth it
to calculate (using bamboo tokens on a counting board) / to count beads / fig. to budget / to plan (an investment)
rigorous schemes and deep foresight (idiom); astute and circumspect
meticulous planning and careful accounting (idiom)
calculation using abacus
to verify a calculation / a double-check
to recalculate / to reckon again
man proposes, God disposes (idiom) / one's plans can be derailed by unforeseen events
taking everything into account (idiom) / when all is said and done
mental arithmetic / to figure out
to be assured of success
to count with one's fingers / on the spot calculation
logical calculation
mental arithmetic / to calculate in one's head / planning / preparation
final account / to calculate the final bill / fig. to draw up plans to deal with sth
to not calculate / to not count / to not be considered (as) / to have no weight
ternary operator (computing)
to have the final say / to be the one in charge
defense budget
to count on one's fingers
the hero has plans already laid (idiom); to have plans ready in advance / forewarned is forearmed
to be literate and numerate (idiom)
inverse operation / inverse calculation

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