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  *等* | 等* | *等
class / rank / grade / equal to / same as / to wait for / to await / et cetera / and so on / et al. (and other authors) / after / as soon as / once
equal / equality
equal / equally / equivalent
high-level / higher (animals, education etc) / advanced (math etc)
et cetera / and so on ... / wait a minute! / hold on!
grade A / first-class
equal to / having the same social class or status
what kind? / how, what / somewhat
we / us (archaic)
equal; impartial; fair
to wait for a long time
first class / prime / main
to wait a moment
equal status / equal treatment / parity (under the law) / equity / reciprocity
grade (quality of product)
first-rate / of the highest order / high-class / excellent / superior
(geometry) congruent
Tiandeng county in Chongzuo 崇左, Guangxi
identity ≡ (math., logic) / identical
superior grade
a cut above others / superior
elementary (i.e. easy)
poor-quality; inferior
you all (archaic)
a cut above / top quality
idempotent (math.)
special grade / top quality
unequal / varied
highest quality / top-notch
first class / grade A
second-class; second-rate
inequality / unfairness
third rank / third category / third grade / grade C
to wait in vain; to sit around waiting
second class / second-rate
credit rating
equality between the sexes
(literary) we / us
magnitude of a star
highest level / top class
equality of ethnic groups
equality of the sexes
social equality
wait a moment
to wait patiently / heron

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