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  *等* | 等* | *等
class / rank / grade / equal to / same as / to wait for / to await / et cetera / and so on / et al. (and other authors) / after / as soon as / once
to equal / to be tantamount to
to wait / to wait for
equal / equality
grade / rank / status
to wait / to wait for
equal / equally / equivalent
et cetera / and so on ... / wait a minute! / hold on!
to wait until / by the time when (sth is ready etc)
first class / prime / main
1st class cabin
equal status / equal treatment / parity (under the law) / equity / reciprocity
highest level / top class
to equate / equal to
high-level / higher (animals, education etc) / advanced (math etc)
approximately equal to
unequal / varied
Wait a moment! / after a while
first prize
colleges and universities
grade A / first-class
equal to / having the same social class or status
highest quality / top-notch
first class / grade A
first-rate / of the highest order / high-class / excellent / superior
to wait a moment / later / in awhile
High Court
(term coined c. 1920s) unequal treaty – a treaty between China and one or more aggressor nations (including Russia, Japan and various Western powers) which imposed humiliating conditions on China (in the 19th and early 20th centuries)
of equal value
to wait for a long time
what kind? / how, what / somewhat
second class / second rate
equal-value exchange
Tiandeng county in Chongzuo 崇左, Guangxi
elementary (i.e. easy)
you all (archaic) / see also 你們|你们
second class / second-rate
inequality / unfairness
division into equal parts / equipartition
credit rating
constant temperature / equal temperature
we / us (archaic)
third rank / third category / third grade / grade C
(math.) equals sign =
can't wait
to wait in vain / to sit around waiting
social rank / class / caste
level / rank / grade / rating
plasma (physics)
equal / equal in value / equivalent
equality between the sexes
to wait a moment
(literary) we / us
erhua variant of 等一會|等一会
geometric progression
a cut above others / superior
social equality
equal / impartial / fair
wait and see (who is right)
idempotent (math.)
special grade / top quality
erhua variant of 等一下
geometric (of mathematical sequences or progressions)
ordinary / common / unimportant / idly / for no reason
superior grade
non-competitive election (i.e. with as many candidates as there are seats) / single-candidate election
to wait patiently / heron
arithmetic progression
degree of disparity / equal difference
(in the negative) (not) to be trifled with
congruent (triangles) / congruence (geometry)
identity ≡ (math., logic) / identical
an equality / an equation
equilateral triangle
lower animal / primitive life-form
geometric series (such as 1+2+4+8+...)
specialized middle school
constant pressure / equal pressure
identity (math.)
going from there to lower grades (idiom)
credit level
arithmetic series (such as 2+4+6+8+...)
higher education
Tiandeng county in Chongzuo 崇左, Guangxi
NCEE, National College Entrance Examination (college entrance exam in PRC) / usually abbr. to 高考
second class cabin
to equate / to consider (two things) to be equivalent
secondary education / middle school education
isobar (line of equal pressure)
technical middle school / polytechnic
equality of ethnic groups
inequality sign (≠, < , ≤, >, ≥)
five orders of feudal nobility, namely: Duke , Marquis , Count , Viscount , Baron
magnitude of a star
to equalize / leveling / making uniform

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