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  *笑* | 笑* | *笑
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  *笑* | 笑* | *笑
laugh / smile / CL: 個|个
smile / CL: 個|个, 絲|丝 / to smile
to jeer at / to deride / to ridicule / mockery / derision
to sneer
to get people to laugh / funny / hilarious
laughable / funny / ridiculous
to play a joke / to make fun of / to joke
to burst out laughing / hilarious / burst of laughter
to laugh happily / a belly-laugh
to joke / joke / jest
funny / ridiculous
to laugh out loud
to laugh heartily / a belly laugh
to chat and laugh / to crack jokes / to banter
to laugh up one's sleeve
to amuse / to cause to smile / amusing
like a smile yet not a smile (idiom)
talking and laughing / to jest / cheerful and lively
to be angry about sth but also find it laughable
to have a smile on one's face
to burst out laughing / to laugh
to mock / to be ridiculed / to incur ridicule through one's poor performance (humble)
to tease / to make fun of
to laugh nastily / evil grin
to pretend to look happy / to force oneself to smile
to tease / to poke fun at
to ridicule / to mock
to smile apologetically or obsequiously
to giggle / to laugh foolishly / to smirk / to simper
to laugh involuntarily / Taiwan pr. [e4 ran2 shi1 xiao4]
to be laughing and playing / to giggle
to force a smile / a bitter laugh
to give a hollow laugh / to force a smile / forced laugh / CL: 聲|声
to howl with laughter / to laugh one's head off
to smile brightly
to laugh
smirk / insincere smile
to smile sweetly
uproarious / hilarious / to split one's sides laughing / lit. to hold one's belly with both hands
brows raised in delight, eyes laughing (idiom); beaming with joy / all smiles
laugh in (up) one's sleeve / snigger / snicker
(literary) to smile
to work as a good-time girl / to prostitute oneself
to sneer at
to sneer at sb / to ridicule
concubine's smile, a cultivar of lychee
the whole room roaring with laughter (idiom)
to snigger / to titter
to sneer / to laugh grimly / grin of dissatisfaction (bitterness, helplessness, indignation etc) / bitter, grim, sarcastic or angry smile
evil smile / sinister smile
bitter smile
(literary) to sneer / to laugh at
to dismiss sth with a laugh (idiom) / to laugh it off
enchanting smile
to laugh / laughter
to put on a fake smile (idiom) / to smile insincerely
to turn tears into laughter (idiom); to turn grief into happiness
to laugh evilly
to roar with laughter / hoots of laughter / guffaw
to be ridiculous / to make a fool of oneself
uproarious laughter
to nod and smile
to laugh in spite of oneself / to be unable to help laughing / to break into laughter
to laugh loudly / guffaw
to grin
of no value / worthless
to make people laugh
every frown and every smile
to laugh heartily / to burst into loud laughter
to giggle foolishly / to titter

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