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to peep / to peek / to act as voyeur
to pry into or spy on / to snoop / to peep / to poke one's nose into / to peer / to get a glimpse of
to peep at / to spy on / to peek
  *窺* | 窺* | *窺
to peep / to pry into
to spy upon / to lie in wait for (an opportunity)
voyeur / peeping tom
to look at sth through a bamboo tube / to have a restricted view
lit. to see a leopard through a narrow tube (idiom); fig. to miss the big picture
to find out about / to discover
to peep / to spy on
to infer easily / to guess at a glance / to get a clue
lit. see one spot on a leopard (idiom); fig. a restricted view
lit. to see one spot on a leopard / fig. a restricted view
lit. not even peek at the garden / fig. to be absorbed in one's studies (idiom)
to peep at
in my humble opinion

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