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  *窟* | 窟* | *窟
cave / hole
slum housing
rock cave / grotto / cliff caves (often with Buddhist statues)
Mogao caves in Dunhuang 敦煌, Gansu
a cave
Longmen Grottoes at Luoyang 洛陽|洛阳, Henan
lit. a crafty rabbit has three burrows / a sly individual has more than one plan to fall back on (idiom)
Yungang Caves at Datong 大同, Shanxi 山西
lit. nest of devils / place occupied by sinister forces
money squandering establishment (e.g. gambling den, brothel etc)
Mt Maiji Caves at Tianshui 天水, Gansu
the four great caves, namely: Longmen Grottoes 龍門石窟|龙门石窟 at Luoyang, Henan, Yungang Caves 雲岡石窟|云冈石窟 at Datong, Shanxi, Mogao Caves 莫高窟 at Dunhuang, Gansu, and Mt Maiji Caves 麥積山石窟|麦积山石窟 at Tianshui, Gansu
Dunhuang caves in Gansu / refers to Mogao caves 莫高石窟
Angkor Wat, temple complex in Cambodia

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