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  *窝* | 窝* | *窝
nest / pit or hollow on the human body / lair / den / place / to harbor or shelter / to hold in check / to bend / classifier for litters and broods
bee's nest / honeycomb / fig. honeycomb figure
swallow's nest
quilt wrapped around the body as a tube (traditional bedding) / (contemporary) bedding / quilt / blankets / cover / bed
dimple / also written 酒渦|酒涡
bird's nest
temple (on the sides of human head)
doghouse / kennel
Chinese doughnut
eye socket
to brood / to hatch
Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina
dimples of Venus / back dimples
comfortable niche
armpit / also pr. [ge1 zhi5 wo1] / also written 夾肢窩|夹肢窝
popliteal (anatomy) / hollow at the back of the knee
gamblers' den / illegal casino
glutinous rice cake with a sweet filling / also written 艾窩窩|艾窝窝
thieves' lair
to poke through a hornets' nest / to attack a difficult task resolutely
glutinous rice cake with a sweet filling
(coll.) to incubate / to brood
dimple / heat-sensing facial pit of a snake
iliac fossa (anatomy) / pelvic basin internal to ilium
there's no place like home (idiom)
cotton-padded shoes / (old) shoes made of woven grass, padded with feathers
armpit / also written 胳肢窩|胳肢窝
the swallow's nest is built one beakful of mud at a time (idiom) / many a little makes a mickle

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