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sudden; abrupt; unexpected
prominent / outstanding / to give prominence to / to protrude / to project
to break through / to make a breakthrough / to surmount (an obstacle) / (sports) to break through the opponent's defense
conflict / to conflict / clash of opposing forces / collision (of interests) / contention
to arise abruptly / to arrive suddenly / happening suddenly
  *突* | 突* | *突
to dash / to move forward quickly / to bulge / to protrude / to break through / to rush out / sudden / Taiwan pr. [tu2]
to occur suddenly
Tunisia / Tunis, capital of Tunisia
to appear suddenly / projection / bit sticking out
to be rude / to treat irreverently
sudden change / mutation
to raid; to storm / surprise attack
lofty or towering / sudden or abrupt
to advance by leaps and bounds
(onom.) beating of the heart / pitapat / pulsation of a machine
conspicuous / to make sth stand out / make sth prominent
assault rifle
to emerge as a new force to be reckoned with (idiom)
Turkic ethnic group
kilometer (old) (loanword)
mastoid process
Tunisia (Tw)
sudden and violent attack / assault / fig. rushed job / concentrated effort to finish a job quickly
to break a siege / to break out of an enclosure
East Turkestan Liberation Organization (ETLO), Chinese dissident group / abbr. for 東突厥斯坦解放組織|东突厥斯坦解放组织
axonal transport
the wolf runs and the wild boar rushes (idiom); crowds of evil-doers mill around like wild beasts
lit. to bend the chimney and remove the firewood (to prevent fire) (idiom) / fig. to take preventive measures
meter (unit of length) (loanword) (old)
dendrite (branched projection of a neuron)
missense mutation
variant of 唐突
suddenly have a thought (idiom) / suddenly be inspired to do something
breach / gap / breakthrough point
herniated lumbar disk
mastoid antrum (bones at the back of tympanic chamber)
human papillomavirus (HPV)
conflict of interest
local or regional confrontation
genetic mutation
kilometer (old) (loanword)
skirmish / clash / dispute / brush
oligodendrocytes (Greek: cells with few branches), a type of cell in central nervous system / oligodendroglia
East Turkestan / historical term for Xinjiang
East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM)
East Turkestan Liberation Organization (ETLO), Xinjiang dissident group
abbr. for 東突厥斯坦解放組織|东突厥斯坦解放组织, East Turkestan Liberation Organization (ETLO)
dendritic cell
armed conflict
outbreak of illness / seizure
sudden attack from the opposite direction (idiom)
nerve process
kamikaze unit (Japanese corps of suicide pilots in World War II)
Tunis, capital of Tunisia
sudden unannounced investigation / on-the-spot inspection / to search without notification
commando unit
Tuquan county in Hinggan league 興安盟|兴安盟, east Inner Mongolia
emergency / sudden occurrence
to make a breakthrough
point of penetration (military) / breakthrough
mutant / mutant strain (of virus)
(math.) catastrophe theory
bit sticking out / projection
physical encounter / fight
slipped disk / vertebral herniation / prolapsed disk
batrachotoxin (BTX), poison from frogs
border clash
missense mutation

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