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  *穷* | 穷* | *穷
poor / destitute / to use up / to exhaust / thoroughly / extremely / (coll.) persistently and pointlessly
endless / boundless / inexhaustible
poor / impoverished
leaving a rich aftertaste / (fig.) memorable / lingering in memory
more and more emerge / innumerable succession / breeding like flies (idiom)
extraordinary strength / super strong / strong as an ox
poor but with great ambitions (idiom) / poor but principled
boundless joy
it will cause no end of trouble (idiom)
to exhaust one's limited abilities (idiom)
boundless joy
to endure poverty stoically
endless / boundless / inexhaustible
to bewail one's poverty / to complain about being hard up / to pretend to be poor
Song Renqiong (1909-2005), general of the People's Liberation Army
to take refuge with a rich relative
faulty argument and poor rhetoric (idiom); unable to put forward any convincing arguments / without a leg to stand on
to have disastrous consequences
to have disastrous consequences / also written 貽害無窮|贻害无穷
help the starving but not the poor (idiom)
(Internet slang) (of a man) unmarriageable (lit. short, ugly and poor) / opposite: 高富帥|高富帅
the country weakened and the people empoverished (idiom)
to give sympathy to the rich and relief to the poor (idiom)
if you beat the snake without killing it, endless evils will ensue (idiom)
sunset, the end of the road (idiom); in terminal decline / at a dead end
to sew and mend clothes for a pittance

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