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  *税* | 税* | *税
taxes / duties
personal income tax (abbr. for 個人所得稅|个人所得税)
to pay taxes
income tax
bonded (goods, factory etc)
value-added tax (VAT)
customs duty / tariff
finance and taxation
tax inclusive
not liable to taxation (of monastery, imperial family etc) / tax free / duty free (shop)
to pay tax / duty-paid
tax on turnover / sales tax
consumption tax / sales tax
to pay tax
tax rebate or refund
rates (tax)
tax cut
to file an income tax return / to declare dutiable goods (at customs)
to levy taxes
stamp duty
to collect tax
inheritance tax / estate tax
to avoid taxation / tax avoidance
tax evasion
royalty (on books)
indirect tax
to evade a tax
tax evasion
to pay a tax one has evaded / to pay an overdue tax
tax on trade
to refuse to pay taxes / to boycott taxes
miscellaneous duties / various taxes
exorbitant taxation (idiom)
property tax
crippling taxation
taxes and levies
poll tax
profit tax
city council rates / municipal taxes
direct tax
taxation / in former times, esp. land tax
to tax / to levy a tax
windfall profit tax
road tax

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