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course of events / process / CL: 個|个
course / academic program / CL: , 節|节, 門|门
schedule / itinerary / CL: 個|个
rules / regulations / constitution / statute / articles of association (of company) / articles of incorporation / charter (of a corporation) / by-laws
to set out on a journey
specifically / specially (for that purpose)
course / stream / sequence of processes / work flow in manufacturing
engineering / an engineering project / project / undertaking / CL: 個|个, 項|项
journey / course of a journey / distance traveled / trajectory / itinerary / route / course (of history) / stroke (of a piston) / (Tw) (computing) process
(computing) to program / programming
course / process
the whole distance / from beginning to end
remote / long distance / long range
process / course
course of study / teaching module at university / tutorial
mathematical equation
(computing) thread
journey / expedition / voyage
  *程* | 程* | *程
surname Cheng
  *程* | 程* | *程
rule / order / regulations / formula / journey / procedure / sequence
competition schedule / the course of a race
electrical engineering
mechanical engineering
rules / regulations
return journey (e.g. home)
one-way (ticket)
development process
mileage (distance traveled) / course (of development)
operating rules / work regulations
civil engineering
journey / trip
agenda / agenda item
range / reach / firing range
future (career etc) prospects
travel time / expected time for a car journey
bioengineering / genetic engineering
one's fortune (in astrology)
range (of scales or measuring equipment)
differential equation (math.)
altitude (e.g. above street level) / elevation
course of treatment
chemical engineering
to travel at double speed / to make all haste
course of disease
introductory course / primer
return trip
interval (music)
flight / passage / sea or air distance
executable program
linear equation (math.)
route / path traveled / distance traveled / course (of development)
stroke (of a piston)
biomedical engineering
background process (computing)
manufacturing process / processing
housing project for low-income urban residents
short range
to set out / to leave
genetic engineering
ordinary differential equation (ODE)
return trip / homeward journey
ergonomics / man-machine engineering
bright future / bright prospects
value engineering
algebraic equation / polynomial equation
water-induction engineering / irrigation engineering
equations of motion
timetable / schedule
the process of childbirth
reform process
partial differential equation (PDE)
to travel day and night
jerry-built building project / lit. built on soybean dregs
general course / general education course / core course / general curriculum / general education curriculum / core curriculum
each goes his own way (idiom); each person has his own life to lead
manufacturing environment
Pilgrim's Progress, 1678 novel by John Bunyan (first Chinese translation 1851)
nuclear engineering
correspondence course
integral equation (math.)
genetic engineering
cohesive process(es)
Schrödinger's wave equation
outbound trip
Golden Shield Project, information system for censorship and surveillance, thought to include the Great Firewall of China 防火長城|防火长城 as a component
time course
mapping process
Markov process (math.)
return-trip / two-way / bidirectional / double-pass
wave equation (math. physics)
(math.) polynomial equation
planing length
universal differential equation
geotechnical engineering
computer-aided engineering

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