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to move / movement / migration / mobile / portable
to immigrate / to migrate / emigrant / immigrant
to shift; to relocate; to transfer / (fig.) to shift (attention); to change (the subject etc) / (medicine) to metastasize
imperceptible influence / to influence secretly
  *移* | 移* | *移
to move / to shift / to change / to alter / to remove
displacement (vector)
to transplant
to migrate / to move
to transplant (horticulture, agriculture)
to remove
to transfer (a case, a person, files etc)
to transfer / to hand over
it is easier to change mountains and rivers than to alter one's character (idiom) / you can't change who you are / Can the leopard change his spots?
unswerving / unflinching
to shift / to transfer
translation (geometry)
to shift / shift / translocation / displacement / (medicine) dislocation
to drift
displacement / deviation / offset
to migrate / to move to a new place of residence
to slip / to drift
to shift one's eyes / (fig.) to shift one's attention / to divert attention
to reform habits and customs (idiom)
to drift
to relocate a piece of equipment (air conditioner etc)
the old man moves mountains (idiom); fig. where there's a will, there's a way
It is hard to change one's essential nature (idiom). You can't change who you are. / Can the leopard change his spots? (Jeremiah 13:23)
to wander / to shift around / to waver / to vacillate
to move troops to / (fig.) to move to / to shift to
lit. to graft flowers onto a tree (idiom) / fig. to surreptitiously substitute one thing for another
lit. the Big Dipper 北斗星 has turned and the stars have moved / time flies / also written 星移斗轉|星移斗转
to move (house) / to relocate / removals
lit. to move mountains and drain seas / to transform nature
(of time) to elapse or pass / (of a situation) to develop or evolve
lit. the Big Dipper 北斗星 has turned and the stars have moved / time flies / also written 斗轉星移|斗转星移
to use (sth) for a purpose other than its original one; to adapt (tools, methods etc) for another purpose
to migrate / to resettle
migration (geology)
(sediment) transport
steadfast / inalienable
red shift (astronomy)
blue shift (astronomy)
to tow / (computing) to drag
(organ) transplant operation
to redirect one's affections / (of literature etc) to cultivate people's character / empathy (i.e. attribution of feelings to an object) / transference (psychology)
change of affection, shift of love (idiom); to change one's feelings to another love / to fall in love with sb else
to oscillate without pause (idiom) / to fluctuate / (of thoughts) to wander / to waver
immigration office
variant of 移植
China Mobile (PRC state telecommunications company)
coronary bypass operation
reach truck
portable (programming language)
portability (programming language)
organ transplant
continental drift
mass transfer (in LED panel manufacturing)
heart transplant
(medicine) metastasis
mandatory college exam for immigrants
investment immigration / immigrant investor
to talk slowly and in depth (idiom)
rivers and mountains are easy to change, man's character much harder
intangible changes / unnoticed transformation / changes behind the scenes
established and irrefutable (idiom)
to put to a different use / to borrow / (linguistics) borrowing
moving average (in financial analysis)
moving average index (used in financial analysis)
mobile telephone
mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc)
cell phone network
mobile telephone
to move away
the will to move mountains / fig. high ambitions
(Tw) foreign worker (abbr. for 移住勞工|移住劳工)
for a while
migrant worker
migrant / immigrant
to transpose (music)
to bring to justice; to hand over to the law
to move away
network migration
one's habits change with long custom
not shaken by poverty / to preserve one's ambitions although destitute
to relocate / to evacuate
transfer payment (payment from government or private sector for which no good or service is required in return)
to move one's base (of operations) / to reposition / to relocate
bone marrow transplant

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