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  *称* | 称* | *称
to fit / balanced / suitable
  *称* | 称* | *称
to weigh / to state / to name / name / appellation / to praise
to call / to address as / appellation
to praise / to acclaim / to commend / to compliment
symmetry / symmetrical
name / term of address / title
after one's heart (idiom); gratifying and satisfactory / everything one could wish
  *称* | 称* | *称
variant of / steelyard
called / to call sth (by a name) / to name
to be abbreviated to / abbreviation / short form
one's professional position / title / job title
person (first person, second person etc in grammar) / called / known as
full name
nickname / diminutive / term of endearment / to nickname
to call it... / known as...
to be known as / to be nicknamed / to be purportedly / to claim (often exaggeratedly or falsely)
can be rated as / can be said to be
to claim / to state / to proclaim / to assert
to assert / to claim
commonly referred to as / common term
unsymmetrical / asymmetric
to be called / to be known as
to be widely known as
to weigh
title / appellation / form of address
nominal (voltage, horsepower etc)
lit. to proclaim oneself hegemon / to take a leading role / to build a personal fiefdom
alternative name / to refer to sth by another name / antonomasia
to be collectively called / collective term / general designation
well proportioned / well shaped
generic term
to call oneself / to claim to be / to profess / to claim a title
to change a name / to rename
it is said / allegedly / according to reports / or so they say
also known as / alternative name / to also be called
common term / general term
satisfactory / agreeable
to weigh
well qualified / competent / to be equal to the task / able to do sth very well
to address sb deferentially / title / honorific
to match / to suit / mutually compatible
to claim / to pretend
third person (grammar)
to commend / to praise
to be generally referred to (as) / generic term
name (of a thing) / name (of an organization)
to be called / to be known as
to claim / to insist
to bow before (idiom) / to capitulate
to praise
copyright / rights to a trademark
Chindu County (Tibetan: khri 'du rdzong) in Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture 玉樹藏族自治州|玉树藏族自治州, Qinghai
designation / reference / to refer to
to praise / to commend
to dub with a nice-sounding appellation / fanciful moniker
term of endearment / pet name / diminutive
to jokingly call / jocular appellation
to make a false and unwarranted declaration
to acclaim / to sing the praises of
to speak / to say
in the country of the blind the one-eyed man is king (idiom) / (depending on the source, the last word is either 大王 or 大王)
to refer broadly to / general term
to express thanks
to be satisfactory
title / official appellation
contemptuous term
voices unanimous in praise (idiom); with an extensive public reputation
to declare / to state / to call / to name
elegant name / honorific
derogatory term / to refer to disparagingly (as)
to claim falsely
to give sb or sth a title one has no authority to give
modest appellation
humorous nickname
axis of symmetry / central axis (in Chinese architecture)
to praise / to acclaim / to commend / to compliment
playful appellation
to argue (that) / to allege / to dispute / to plead (e.g. not guilty)
term of respect / honorific
old term / old way of referring to sth
another name / alternative name
contemptuous term
euphemism / word used to avoid a taboo reference
joint name / combined name
to praise / to compliment
spontaneous symmetry breaking (physics)
personal pronoun
to make a confession (law)
bilateral symmetry
also known as
name tag
to cluck one's tongue in wonder
to click one's tongue in wonder (idiom) / to be astonished
euphemism (tactful expression for sth unpleasant such as death)

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