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active / energetic / vigorous / positive (outlook) / proactive
to accumulate / accumulation / cumulative / cumulatively
area (of a floor, piece of land etc) / surface area / tract of land
volume / bulk / CL: 個|个
to pile up / to heap / accumulation
integral (calculus) / accumulated points (in sports, at school etc) / total credits earned by student / bonus points in a benefit scheme
official reserves / accumulated fund
  *积* | 积* | *积
to amass / to accumulate / to store / measured quantity (such as area of volume) / product (the result of multiplication) / to integrate (math.) / to solve (or integrate) an ordinary differential equation (math.) / old / long-standing
enthusiast / (political) activist
floor area / occupied area / footprint (of a building, piece of equipment etc)
to accumulate
table of scores (in exams or sports league)
volume / capacity
toy building blocks
zeal / initiative / enthusiasm / activity
to save / to put aside / savings
product (result of multiplication)
snow / snow cover / snow mantle
to save bit by bit / to accumulate
to coalesce / to gather together / to amass
sediment / deposit / sedimentation (geology)
indefinite integral (math.)
to collect water / to be covered with water / to pond / accumulated water / ponding
calculus / differentiation and integration / calculus of infinitesimals and integrals 積|积
lit. to have accumulated knowledge and deliver it slowly (idiom) / good preparation is the key to success / to be well prepared
to pile up / to accumulate without being dealt with
deposits accumulated over long periods / fig. valuable experience, accumulated wisdom
to accumulate / to store up
scalar product (of vectors)
to accumulate over a long period of time
to plot actively (idiom) / scheming / calculating
(of food) to retain in stomach due to indigestion (TCM)
unit of volume
Maiji district of Tianshui city 天水市, Gansu
Maiji district of Tianshui city 天水市, Gansu
to stock up / to lay in supplies / to hoard (for speculation) / to corner the market in sth
long pending case
integral calculus
inner product / the dot product of two vectors
ingrained habits are hard to overcome (idiom); bad old practices die hard
to stockpile
integral transform (math.)
to silt up / silt / sediment / ooze / slurry
Many little things add up to sth great. / Many little drops make an ocean. (idiom)
to alluviate / alluviation / alluvial
fundamental theorem of calculus
to accumulate merit / to do good / to give to charity / virtuous actions
sedimentary rock (geology)
to pile up like a mountain (idiom) / a mountain of (paperwork etc) / a large number of sth
dot product (math.)
to accumulate over time
deposit / alluvium (shallow water sediment)
direct product (in set theory)
to stockpile
grievance / accumulated rancor
volume (of timber)
ice accretion
cumulative weakness / to decline (over time) / degeneration
land area
sediment / deposit
to accumulate / to collect / to build up
infinitesimal calculus / calculus
alluvial plain
cumulus / heap cloud
to play with stacking blocks
sedimentation (geology)
exterior product / the cross product of two vectors
active response / energetic response
cumulonimbus (cloud)
deeply accumulated filth
integral equation (math.)
accumulated evil
vector product (of vectors)
volumetric efficiency (engine technology)
age-old (malpractice) / long established (corrupt practices) / deeply rooted (superstition)
to accumulate work causes sickness (idiom); to fall ill from constant overwork
permanent snow cover
cross product (of vectors)
for a long time / over many years / old / advanced in age
Mt Maiji Caves at Tianshui 天水, Gansu
to coalesce / to accumulate
constant of integration (math.)
old habit (usually bad) / inbred custom / deep-rooted practice
lit. piling up dirt eventually creates a mountain (idiom) / fig. success is the cumulation of lots of small actions
to hoard and profiteer / to speculate
pent-up frustrations / sth that has accumulated in one's mind for a long time
Jishishan Bonan, Dongxiang and Salar autonomous county in Linxia Hui autonomous prefecture 臨夏回族自治州|临夏回族自治州, Gansu
to accumulate tiny quantities (idiom)
integrated circuit (Tw)
to accumulate gold and jewels (idiom); prosperous
to accumulate manure / to lay down compost
alluvial deposit
percentage by volume
altocumulus / high cumulus cloud
close-packing of spheres (math.)

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