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taxi / (Tw) rental car
  *租* | 租* | *租
to hire / to rent / to charter / to rent out / to lease out / rent / land tax
to rent / to lease / to hire
to rent
to rent jointly with other people / co-renting
to lease / to hire / to rent (sth from sb)
(of a house or room) to be for rent
rent for a room or house
public housing
to sublet / to sublease
to rent / to lease
to rent / to lease
tenant / person who leases
low-rent housing
leaser / tenant
to rent an apartment
taxi / cab (PRC) / hire car (Tw) / CL: 輛|辆
foreign concession, an enclave occupied by a foreign power (in China in the 19th and 20th centuries)
to rent / to charter / to rent land or a house for subletting / fixed rent for farmland
borrower / leaser / the hiring side of a contract
rent seeking (economics)
rent price
to reduce rent
taxi driver
rent-seeking (economics)
house rent
rent and debt
rent (payment)
to lease out / to rent (one's property out to sb else)
self-drive hire (of a car etc)
land rent / land tax
to charter a ship / to take a vessel on rent
to rent land / to lease farmland
to rent out one's land (to tenant farmers)
taxation / in former times, esp. land tax
rent / same as 租金
rent deposit
to remit rentals or taxes
rent income (esp. from arable land)
unequal treaty of 1898 whereby the Qing dynasty ceded the lease of Lüshun (Port Arthur) to Russia
warehouse rent / cost of storage
self-drive car rental
occupation franchise
concession (territory)
(of a landlord) to rent out one or more parts of a property / (of a tenant) to sublet one or more parts of a property / (agriculture) sharecropping

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