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undergraduate course / undergraduate (attributive)
internal medicine / general medicine
universal / encyclopedic / abbr. for 百科全書|百科全书
  *科* | 科* | *科
branch of study / administrative section / division / field / branch / stage directions / family (taxonomy) / rules / laws / to mete out (punishment) / to levy (taxes etc) / to fine sb / CL: 個|个
subject / branch of learning / course / academic discipline
specialized subject / branch (of medicine) / specialized training school
Baidu online encyclopedia
social science (abbr.)
Vanke, large Chinese real estate company, founded in 1984
Moscow, capital of Russia
orthopedics / orthopedic surgery
medicine (as a science) / medical science
surgery (branch of medicine)
to fail (a course)
maternity department / maternity ward / obstetrics
liberal arts / humanities
preparatory course (in college)
the sciences (as opposed to the humanities 文科)
subfamily (taxonomy)
engineering as an academic subject
pediatrics / pediatric (department) / sth of little importance / trifle / a child's play / (slang) childish / petty / stingy
disco (loanword)
National Key Disciplines (disciplines recognized as important and supported by PRC central government, including medicine, science, chemistry, engineering, commerce and law)
interdisciplinary / interdisciplinary subject (in science)
university preparatory course
Acapulco, city in Mexico
Fabaceae / Leguminosae / legume family (botany)
required courses in the major subject
Equidae / horse family
a wooden word-by-word reading
orthopedic surgery
Asteraceae or Compositae (composites), a large family of dicotyledonous plants producing scents, includes aster, daisy and sunflower
Bamako, capital of Mali
Aleksandr Grigoryevich Lukachenko, president of Belarus from 1994
Arecaceae or Palmae, the palm family
to flout the law
Graminae or Poaceae, the grass family
Labiatae, the taxonomic family including lavender, mint
Magnoliaceae, family of trees and shrubs
criminal record / previous convictions
Felidae (the cat family)
Cruciferae or Brassicaceae (taxonomic family including Brassica etc whose flowers have a cross of 4 petals)
Moraceae (type of flowering plant)
to change major (at college) / to take up a new specialist subject / to transfer to a different medical department
to overemphasize some topic (at the expense of others) / overdoing it / to go overboard
Liliaceae / the lily family
virus family
Bombacaceae (botany)
the canines
Umbelliferae or Apiaceae, plant family containing carrot, coriander etc
Solanaceae (the potato and eggplant family)
Amaranthaceae, family of herbaceous plants containing Chinese spinach (Amaranthus inamoenus) 莧菜|苋菜
pseudoscientist / crank / crackpot (abbr. for 民間科學家|民间科学家)
Phocidae, family within Carnivora including seal
Ericaceae (botany), genus containing rhododendron and azalea
Convolvulaceae, herbaceous plant family
Sapotaceae (botany)
Aristolochiaceae (birthwort family of flowering plants, including ginger)
Caryophyllaceae family (carnations and pinks)
Boraginaceae (family of flowers and bushes)
Anacardiaceae, plant family including lac tree (Rhus vernicifera) 漆樹|漆树
Tymoshenko (name) / Yulia Tymoshenko (1960-), Ukrainian politician
humanities and social sciences
Myrtaceae (family including myrtle, rosemary, oregano etc)
Betulaceae (broadleaf tree family including birch and alder)
Unocal (US oil company)
Jericho (town in West Bank)
Gobiidae (suborder of perch)
Hirundinidae (the family of swallows and martins)
family Mosasauridae
Cuculidae, bird family including cuckoo 杜鵑鳥|杜鹃鸟
Acridoidea (family containing grasshoppers, crickets and locusts)
penaeidae (the prawn or shrimp family)
Tyrannosauridae, the dinosaur family containing Tyrannosaurus
the grouper family / Serranidae (fish family including Epinephelinae or grouper 石斑魚|石斑鱼)
Asparagaceae, family of flowering plants which includes asparagus
Mustelidae (taxonomic family of weasel, otter, mink)
Sterculiaceae, family of Malvale trees incl. Cacao, Cola and Firmiana
calico (woven cloth from Caldicot, Kerala, India)
Geraniaceae (the geranium family)
Phyllostomatidae (zoology)
family Papilionidae (taxonomy)
Blattidae, family of about 550 species of cockroach
Charadriidae (plover family)
Herpestidae (zoology)
Aegyptiidae (the vulture family)
Tettigoniidae (katydids and crickets)

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