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  *种* | 种* | *种
seed / species / kind / type / classifier for types, kinds, sorts
  *种* | 种* | *种
to plant / to grow / to cultivate
breed / variety / CL: 個|个
to sow seeds / sowing / seed
one kind of / one type of
every kind of / all kinds of / various kinds
this / this kind of / this sort of / this type of
many kinds of / multiple / diverse / multi-
that / that kind of / that sort of / that type of
language type (in a classification)
some kind (of)
particular kind / special type
all kinds of
to have guts / to have courage / to be brave
to be vaccinated / to be inoculated
race (of people)
kind of work in production (e.g. benchwork, foundry work etc)
to breed / breeding
the white race
tinder / source of a fire / inflammable material / (fig.) spark (of a revolution etc)
Wikispecies, (species.wikimedia.org), online project to catalog all known species
tree species
mutation / variety / variant
insurance type
improved type / good breed / pedigree
(military) branch of the armed forces
hetero- / variety
Mangzhong or Grain in Beard, 9th of the 24 solar terms 二十四節氣|二十四节气 6th-20th June
beta- or type 2
to plant / to grow
(microorganism) species / strain / (fungus and mushroom) spore / spawn
numerous types / many kinds
prophylactic inoculation
Wen Zhong (-467 BC), adviser to the state of Yue during Spring and Autumn period
hybrid / mixed breed / bastard / son of a bitch
to till / to cultivate
(agriculture) to introduce a new plant variety
(agriculture) to plant an introduced variety
dog breed
test planting / crop grown on a trial basis
extinct (species) / extinction
to breed / mating
not to have the guts (to do sth) / cowardly
an introduced species
subspecies (taxonomy)
invasive species
endangered species
slash and burn (agriculture)
to keep a seed stock / seed held back for planting
yellow race
colored races
son of a bitch / damn bastard
to reseed / to resow / to replant
country destroyed, its people annihilated (idiom); total destruction
to interplant
police classification / subdivision of policing activities (traffic, border guard, criminal etc)
hybrid / mixed-breed
to commit genocide / to become extinct / extinction of a race
bane of one's existence / vile spawn
silkworm eggs
seed dressing
to sow seeds
(derog.) illegitimate child / bastard
starter (for sourdough breadmaking)
type species (used to define a genus in taxonomy)
affectionate / an affectionate person
to soak seeds (to make them germinate)
the white race
water roux (aka tangzhong), a gelatinous paste made by heating a mixture of flour and water, used in breadmaking to produce a softer, fluffier loaf (loanword from Japanese 湯種 yudane)
bad kind / scoundrel
seed collecting
(coll.) to have character / to have guts / plucky
rotation of crops
(breadmaking) starter
error / fallacy / misconception / scoundrel / You swine!
to reproduce / to propagate
coward / useless scoundrel
short-stalked variety / short straw variety

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