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  *福* | 福* | *福
surname Fu / abbr. for Fujian province 福建省
  *福* | 福* | *福
good fortune / happiness / luck
happiness / happy / blessed
blessings / to wish sb well
Roosevelt (name) / Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919), US President 1901-1909 / Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1945), US President 1933-1945
to pray for blessings
to be blessed
Carrefour, French supermarket chain
photograph of the entire family / hodgepodge (cookery)
variant of 洪福
to benefit (e.g. the people)
Yongfu county in Guilin 桂林, Guangxi
TOEFL / Test of English as a Foreign Language
(old) thanks to your lucky influence (polite reply to health inquiries)
to bless
Frankfurt (Germany)
happy knack for chancing upon fine food
to put on weight / to get fat (a sign of prosperity, so a compliment)
Stanford (University)
to live comfortably / happy and prosperous life
cheerful / happy
Anfu county in Ji'an 吉安, Jiangxi
good fortune / great blessing
to profit from a disaster (idiom); some good comes out of a setback / It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good.
a treat for the eyes / the rare chance of seeing sth beautiful
fortune favors fools (idiom) / fool's luck
lit. the happy fate of the man from Qi (who had a wife and a concubine) (idiom) / fig. (ironically) the joy of having several partners / the life of a pasha
to accept a life of ease / to enjoy a comfortable retirement
disaster and happiness
one is bound for good fortune after surviving a great disaster (proverb)
younger generations will do all right on their own (idiom)
to feast one's eyes
fortune as unpredictable as the weather, every day may bring fortune or calamity (idiom); sth unexpected may happen at any moment
to eat one's fill / to have a good meal
luck with women
Xu Fu (3rd century BC), Qin dynasty court necromancer
blessings from heaven
to feast one's eyes on (idiom)
to feast one's eyes on (idiom)
Stratford (place name) / Stratford-upon-Avon, UK city in Warwickshire and birthplace of William Shakespeare 莎士比亞|莎士比亚
to appreciate one's good fortune
oseltamivir / Tamiflu
tyrannical abuse (idiom); riding roughshod over people
Kaifu district of Changsha city 長沙市|长沙市, Hunan
Rutherford (name) / Ernest Rutherford (1871-1937), early nuclear physicist from New Zealand
great and lasting happiness / lasting blessings
afterlife happiness
living in ease and comfort
the old man lost his mare, but it all turned out for the best (idiom); fig. a blessing in disguise / it's an ill wind that blows nobody any good / also written 塞翁失馬焉知非福|塞翁失马焉知非福
vegetative existence / to consume passively without doing anything useful
fools have good fortune (idiom)
the more sons, the more happiness (idiom)
to live in plenty without appreciating it (idiom); not to know when one is well off
money can't buy happiness
the old man lost his mare, but it all turned out for the best (idiom); fig. a blessing in disguise / it's an ill wind that blows nobody any good
a fool suffers foolish fortune (idiom)

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