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  *禄* | 禄* | *禄
good fortune / official salary
Lufeng county in Chuxiong Yi autonomous prefecture 楚雄彞族自治州|楚雄彝族自治州, Yunnan
Luquan Yizu Miaozu autonomous county in Yunnan
Tagalog (language)
Lufeng county in Chuxiong Yi autonomous prefecture 楚雄彞族自治州|楚雄彝族自治州, Yunnan
auspicious sculpted animal, usu. a unicorn or deer with a long tail / possession of the empire
An Lushan (703-757), Tang general, leader of the An-Shi Rebellion 安史之亂|安史之乱
Luquan Yi and Miao autonomous county in Kunming 昆明, Yunnan
old term for Sulawesi or Celebes 苏拉威西
Luquan Yi and Miao autonomous county in Kunming 昆明, Yunnan
position and wealth (idiom); rank, fame and fortune
Niohuru (prominent Manchu clan)
Peter (Catholic transliteration)
to be unsalaried / to be unfortunate / death
official's salary (in feudal times)
Li Tianlu (1910-1998), Taiwanese master puppeteer
official rank and salary
hereditary benefits such as rank and wealth
honorific title during Tang to Qing times, approx. "Glorious grand master"
high post and generous salary (idiom); promotion to a high official position
Don't get a reward if it's not deserved. (idiom)
to support sb with official pay
surname Fröbel or Froebel / Friedrich Wilhelm August Fröbel (1782-1852), German pedagogue
to yearn for a high official position
promotion in official post and salary raise (idiom)
rank and emolument of nobility
Star God of Rank and Affluence (Daoism)
person's lot through life
Supervisor of Attendants in imperial China, one of the Nine Ministers 九卿
to get undeserved rewards (idiom)
Qarluq or Karluk nomadic tribe, a Turkic ethnic minority in ancient times
good fortune and reputation
traditional Fire God / destruction by fire
a rank in government service
wealth and official post
family with hereditary emoluments
official pay
official pay
to avoid employment
to hold a sinecure
to have one's house burned down / fire disaster
St Peter's Basilica, Vatican City
tablet and altar honoring a great benefactor (idiom)
high salary, generous remuneration
official rank and pay
official pay as bait (for talent)
Lazarus (Catholic transliteration)
to be eager for wealth and emolument (idiom)
Nestlé Milo milk drink (popular in Hong Kong)
to draw government pay / to be in public service / salary of an official
official salaries
happiness and wealth
Ashina Qutlugh, personal name of 頡跌利施可汗|颉跌利施可汗

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