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to stir up trouble / to invite disaster
traffic accident / car crash / CL: 場|场
  *祸* | 祸* | *祸
old variant of 禍|祸
  *祸* | 祸* | *祸
disaster / misfortune / calamity
disaster / harm / scourge / bad person / to damage / to harm / to wreck
criminal ringleader, main offender (idiom); main culprit / fig. main cause of a disaster
disaster / calamity
to cause an accident / to make trouble / to get into trouble
source of calamity (esp. of women)
lit. to take joy in calamity and delight in disaster (idiom); fig. to rejoice in other people's misfortune / Schadenfreude
disaster and happiness
to impute / to shift the blame onto someone else
to profit from a disaster (idiom); some good comes out of a setback / It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good.
disaster / calamity
natural calamities and man-made disasters (idiom)
misfortune does not come singly (idiom) / it never rains but it pours
root of the trouble / cause of the ruin
calamity and chaos / devastating disorder / great turmoil
femme fatale
human disaster
unexpected calamity
chief offender / main culprit
disaster / doom
sudden and unexpected disaster (idiom)
Trouble issues from the mouth (idiom). A loose tongue may cause a lot of trouble.
disaster of war
to damage the country and cause suffering to the people (idiom)
facing imminent catastrophe / calamity looms / all hell will break loose
fortune as unpredictable as the weather, every day may bring fortune or calamity (idiom); sth unexpected may happen at any moment
to cause an accident
terrible tragedy / grave mishap
to harbor evil intentions (idiom); concealing malice
unexpected calamity / sudden disaster
to pass the misfortune on to sb else (idiom); to blame others / to pass the buck
91 BC attempted coup d'etat against Emperor Wu of Han 漢武帝|汉武帝, beginning with accusations of witchcraft
Yellow Peril, political novel by Wang Lixiong 王力雄
yellow peril (offensive term referring to the perceived threat to Western nations, of immigration or military expansion from East Asian nations)
Illness enters by the mouth, trouble comes out by the mouth (idiom). A loose tongue may cause a lot of trouble.
ravaged by successive wars / war-torn / war-ridden
to invite disaster
disaster and happiness do not follow rules (idiom); future blessings and misfortunes are unpredictable
to suffer a disaster / to fall victim to misfortune
fate / portent / luck or disasters as foretold in the stars (astrology)
to stick together through thick and thin (idiom)
trouble is never far away (idiom)
To enjoy blessings and endure misfortune together (idiom); for better or for worse
to stir up trouble
to harbor evil intentions (idiom); concealing malice
main offender, criminal ringleader (idiom); main culprit / fig. main cause of a disaster

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