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  *祭* | 祭* | *祭
surname Zhai
  *祭* | 祭* | *祭
to offer a sacrifice to (gods or ancestors) / memorial ceremony / (in classical novels) to recite an incantation to activate a magic weapon / (lit. and fig.) to wield
to offer sacrifice
a good meal / sumptuous food
public memorial service
to perform the sacrificial rites at a funeral
to worship / to observe religious rites / to pay one's respects (to one's ancestors etc)
pouring of wine on ground for sacrifice
to offer sacrifices (to gods or ancestors) whilst abstaining from meat, wine etc
a worship ceremony for the dead / to offer sacrifice (to ancestors) / a libation
blood sacrifice / animal sacrifice (to a God or ancestral spirit)
burnt offering (Judaism)
to have a large and sumptuous meal (traditionally on the 1st and 15th of each month)

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