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vigor / vitality / drive / spiritual
expression or emotion showing in one's eyes / meaningful glance / wink / eyesight (dialect)
  *神* | 神* | *神
God / abbr. for 神舟
  *神* | 神* | *神
deity / soul / spirit / unusual / mysterious / lively / expressive / expression / look / CL: 個|个 / (slang) awesome / amazing
spirit / mind / consciousness / thought / mental / psychological / essence / gist / CL: 個|个
goddess / nymph
deity / (Internet slang) guru / expert / whiz
Diablo (video game series)
group mentality / collectivism / solidarity / team spirit
to calm (soothe) the nerves / to relieve uneasiness of body and mind
mythological figure (such as the Grim Reaper) in charge of taking the souls of those who die / (fig.) death
god of love
god of wealth
river god
God of fire / Vulcan
protector God / patron saint
the three energies of Chinese medicine: , 氣|气, and
to concentrate one's attention (idiom)
god / deity
patron saint / guardian angel
Sun God / Apollo
enterprising spirit / pioneering spirit
supernatural beings
to collect one's thoughts (after being surprised or shocked) / to snap out of it (after being lost in thought)
door god
primordial spirit / fundamental essence of life
Qingshen County in Meishan 眉山市, Sichuan
vivid / lifelike
to freshen up / to be cautious or vigilant / to watch out / stimulant to enhance mental performance / stay-awake drug / agrypnotic
to be enthralled / to be entranced
to rest / to recuperate / to regain composure
the six spirits that rule the vital organs (heart , lungs , liver , kidneys 腎|肾, spleen and gall bladder 膽|胆)
with rapt attention
mind / state of mind / attention / (Chinese medicine) psychic constitution
Bacchus (the Greek god of wine), aka Dionysus
to spend effort / to take trouble / May I trouble you to...? (as part of polite request) / Please would you mind...?
absent-minded / one's mind is wandering
to relax with one's eyes closed
feudal term of praise for ruler, king or emperor / general term for saint in former times / term for God during the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom 太平天國|太平天国 / Holy Spirit (in Christian Trinity)
spellbound / entranced / lost in thought
Emperor of the Sea / Neptune
malignant deity / fiend
to compose oneself / to concentrate one's attention
old but still full of vitality (idiom)
eyes bright and full of expression
to take care / to be careful
mountain god
Erlangshen, Chinese deity
evil monsters / (fig.) bad characters / (political) bad elements
to prophesy with supernatural accuracy (idiom) / to have an incredible foresight
Heracles (Greek mythology) / Hercules (Roman mythology)
culture of honoring contractual obligations
demon personifying pestilence
Zaoshen, the god of the kitchen
the True God
to become spirited
demon / fiend
to be a tax on (one's mind) / to bother / to trouble / to be concerned
to worry about / to look after / to take care of
personal God / anthropomorphic God
absent-minded / to lose spirit / despondent
to lead military operations with extraordinary skill
river God
harvest God
to get agitated / to panic
protector deities of Buddhist law
to gather one's spirits / to pull oneself together
to offer thanks to the gods
to give attention to sth / please give (some of your valuable) attention to my task / to be distracted
Mr Perfect / Adonis / Prince Charming
to concentrate / to think what you're doing
to respect a deity / to pray to a God
exorcising God / God who drives away plague and evil spirits
troublesome / bothersome
messenger of death (cf Irish banshee) / person bringing bad luck
with money, you can do anything (idiom) / money talks
money is all-powerful / money can move God
Moon Goddess
to be off in another world / to suffer a lapse in concentration
Greek mythology / abbr. for 希臘神話|希腊神话
to raise one's spirits / to take courage
Goddess of beauty
five chief demons of folklore personifying pestilence / cf four horsemen of the apocalypse
shepherd God / faun / Pan in Greek mythology
the Sun God / Apollo
demon / fiend
earth God
body and soul / physical and spiritual / material form and internal spirit
frivolous youth (dialect)
to offer sacrifices to the gods
to burn incense in prayer to a God

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