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  *磚* | 磚* | *磚
brick / CL: 塊|块
ceramic tile
floor tile
BRIC / BRICS economic bloc (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa)
ice-cream brick
refractory brick / firebrick
Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC)
tiles and bricks
lit. throw out a brick and get jade thrown back (idiom) / fig. to attract others' interest or suggestions by putting forward one's own modest ideas to get the ball rolling
brick kiln
floor tile
lit. contribute bricks and tiles for a building (idiom) / fig. to do one's bit to help
to lay bricks / bricklaying
lit. a brick as a door knocker (idiom); fig. a temporary expedient / to use sb as a stepping stone to fortune
to get the ball rolling (abbr. for 拋磚引玉|抛砖引玉)
(slang) to throw brickbats / to criticize harshly
(dialect) wall brick
marker brick (in building) / keystone
to do hard physical labor (as a job) / (fig.) to play mahjong
lit. black brick kiln / factories that acquired notoriety in 2007 for slave labor
brick kiln
magnesium brick (refractory material)
cork tile / cork flooring
red brick clay
lit. a brick thrown to prompt others to produce a jade (idiom) / fig. a modest suggestion intended to prompt others to come forward with better ideas
to hurt oneself by one's own doing / to boomerang / to shoot oneself in the foot (idiom)

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