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to come across / to run into / to meet / to hit
to collide / collision
  *碰* | 碰* | *碰
variant of
  *碰* | 碰* | *碰
to touch / to meet with / to bump
  *碰* | 碰* | *碰
old variant of
to touch / (fig.) to touch on (a matter)
(coll.) to scam sb by setting up an "accident" in which one appears to have sustained damage or injury caused by the scam victim, then demanding compensation (variations include putting "expensive" porcelain in a place where it is likely to be knocked over by passers-by, and stepping into the path of a slow-moving car)
to run into / to come upon / to meet
concentration (a pair-matching game)
to run into / to meet (unexpectedly) / to bump into
bumper car
to knock against / to bump into / to have a disagreement / to clash
by chance / by coincidence / to happen to
to meet / to hold a meeting
to touch
to hit a wall / (fig.) to hit a brick wall / to hit a snag / to have the door slammed in one's face
to meet / to run into (sb) / to get together (with sb)
to collide with one another
to meet force with force / painstaking
to try one's luck / to leave sth to chance
bruising (damage to soft fruit etc)
to knock against / to knock together / to rattle
to knock sth over
erhua variant of 碰瓷
to meet with a rebuff
collisional orogeny / mountain building as a result of continents colliding
variant of 碰瓷
lit. to have one's nose rubbed in the dirt / fig. to meet with a sharp rebuff
a blind cat finds a dead mouse (idiom) / blind luck
collision in which only one party is at fault

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